Jamie Gaitor

Jamie Gaitor '17

The ability to do research with FGCU professors is an opportunity that opens more doors for students.

Photo of Jaimie GaitorWhen Jamie Gaitor reflects on his journey at FGCU, “opportunity” is the word that surfaces time and again. “Honestly,” he said, “I chose FGCU because it was close to home, and it made financial sense. But looking back, I’m thankful. FGCU is second to none. I had more opportunities to do more things, and I don’t believe I would have had those same opportunities at another university.”

Jamie graduated with a degree in biology; he minored in chemistry. Today, he is involved in post graduate research at FGCU under the guidance of chemistry professor Dr. Arsalan Mirjafari. “The ability to do research with FGCU professors is an opportunity that opens more doors for students,” he said. “I’ve found, if you express an interest, FGCU encourages you to participate.”

The opportunity to engage in undergraduate research aside – an opportunity that for him included the privilege of co-publishing articles in professional journals with his mentor – Jamie lists his experiences as a teacher’s assistant and tutor as well as the financial support from several scholarships as invaluable as he pursues his career goals. “I’m focused on research as a goal,” he said, “discovering chemical applications to cure disease or, perhaps, to find new, more effective treatments for disease. Where I end up job-wise will determine the direction I take.”

When asked how The FGCU Effect has impacted his life’s journey, he is clear. “FGCU has taken me from a place of not knowing how to get to where I want to go, to laying the foundation and giving me unimaginable opportunities to get there,” he said. “The FGCU Effect is about taking whatever circumstance you’re in and applying your best efforts to effect the best outcome.”