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Academic Catalog

English (B.A.) 2022-2023 Catalog Year
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Language and Literature

Students in the English B.A. program develop advanced skills in critical thinking and effective communication as they interpret and apply ideas from literature and culture to understanding contemporary issues, analyze the role of language in daily life, cultivate global and inter-cultural knowledge, and explore a range of theoretical stances from traditional literary study to contemporary emerging theoretical approaches. The major offers the flexibility for students to pursue an internship and/or a minor in order to deepen their knowledge of a specific topic and enhance their readiness for a career after graduation.  Graduates become teachers, writers, editors, doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, researchers, community leaders, deep thinkers, avid readers, skilled writers, and engaged citizens.

Progression and Additional Graduation Requirements
  • Attend an orientation session.
  • Sign an Advising Agreement document.

In addition to the program requirements, students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 120 credits.
  • Complete a minimum of 48 of the 120 credits at the upper division (3000 - 4999) level.
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all coursework attempted at FGCU.
  • Satisfy the College-Level Skills and foreign language entrance requirements.
  • Satisfy the Service Learning requirement. (See https://www.fgcu.edu/studentlife/servicelearning/).
  • Satisfy the residency requirement: thirty of the last sixty credits must be completed at FGCU.
  • Complete the summer course enrollment requirement.
  • Submit an Application for Graduation by the deadline listed in the FGCU Academic Calendar.
  • Satisfy Civic Literacy requirement.
Program Requirements
  1. FGCU General Education Program (https://www.fgcu.edu/academics/undergraduatestudies/generaleducation/)
    To prevent or minimize excess hours, select general education courses that satisfy common prerequisite requirements for your intended major.

  2. Common Prerequisites
    A minimum grade of C is required in each course

    FGCU Course: ENC 1101 Composition I (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: ENCX101 or ENCX000-X999

    FGCU Course: ENC 1102 Composition II (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: ENCX102 or ENCX000-X999

  3. Required Courses in the Major (12-14 credits)
    A minimum grade of C is required in each course.

    ENG 3014 Methods of Lit & Cult Studies (3)
    ENG 4930 Senior Seminar (3)
    All students majoring in English are required to demonstrate basic conversational and reading proficiency equivalent to one year (two semesters) of college instruction in a modern language other than English or reading proficiency in a classical language before graduating.  Standardized examination (AP, IB, CLEP) may be used to meet the requirement.

  4. Restricted Electives in the Major (24 credits)
    A minimum grade of C is required in each course.

    Select nine credits in junior level readings courses* (3000-3999 level courses with AML, CRW, ENG, ENL, and LIT prefixes, excluding ENG 3014)
    Select nine credits in senior level seminars* (4000-4999 level courses with AML, CRW, ENG, ENL, and LIT prefixes, excluding ENG 4930)

    *These 18 hours can overlap with the other elective requirements

    Within that 24 hours, course selection must meet the following requirements:

    Select six credits in United States Literature and Culture (AML)
    Select six credits in British Literature and Culture (ENL)
    Select six credits in Literatures and Cultures (LIT)
    Select six credits in pre-1800 literature
    Select six credits in post-1800 literature

    Pre-1800 literature
    AML 3213 Early American Lit & Culture (3)
    AML 4210 Topics in American Lit pre-1800 (3)
    ENG 4060 History of English Language (3)
    ENL 3014 Studies in Early British Literature (3)
    ENL 3210 Anglo Saxon & Medieval Lit (3)
    ENL 3220 Renaissance Lit/Culture (3)
    ENL 3230 Restoration & 18th Century Lit (3)
    ENL 3240 Romantic Lit & Culture (3)
    ENL 3323 Shakespeare Survey (3)
    ENL 4112 The 18th Century British Novel (3)
    ENL 4218 Medieval British Romance (3)
    ENL 4293 Topics in Brit Lit to 1800 (3)
    ENL 4295 Literature of the Plague (3)
    ENL 4311 Chaucer (3)
    ENL 4338 Shakespeare & Eliz Culture (3)
    ENL 4501 Medieval and Early Modern Lit. (3)
    LIT 3107 World Literature pre-1800 (3)
    LIT 3662 Lit of Conquest & Exploration (3)
    LIT 4104 Literary Studies pre-1800 (3)

    Post-1800 literature
    AML 3154 Poetry of U.S. Lit & Culture (3)
    AML 3175 Drama of U.S. Lit & Culture (3)
    AML 3220 19th Cent U.S. Lit & Culture (3)
    AML 3242 20th Cent U.S. Lit & Culture (3)
    AML 3630 Latino Literature and Culture (3)
    AML 3682 Intro to American Ethnic Lit (3)
    AML 3685 Studies in American Ethnic Lit (3)
    AML 4111 US Novels of the 19th Century (3)
    AML 4121 US Novels of the 20th Century (3)
    AML 4261 Literature of the South (3)
    AML 4604 Seminar in African-Amer Lit (3)
    AML 4703 The Immigrant Exp in Lit of US (3)
    AML 4930 Topics in Am Lit post-1800 (3)
    ENG 3112 Literary Approaches to Film (3)
    ENG 4114 Film Adaptation (3)
    ENL 3023 Studies in Later British Literature (3)
    ENL 3251 Victorian Lit & Culture (3)
    ENL 3270 20th Cent British Lit & Culture (3)
    ENL 4122 British Novels of the19th Cent (3)
    ENL 4132 British Novels of the 20th Cent (3)
    ENL 4294 Topics in Brit Lit post-1800 (3)
    LIT 3093 Contemporary Lit & Culture (3)
    LIT 3144 Modern European Novel (3)
    LIT 3191 World Literature post-1800 (3)
    LIT 3301 Cultural Studies/Popular Arts (3)
    LIT 3381 Literature of Women of Color (3)
    LIT 3400 Interdisciplinary Topics (3)
    LIT 4061 Comparative Literature (3)
    LIT 4192 Caribbean Literature (3)
    LIT 4208 Lit and Crit of the Body (3)
    LIT 4213 Literary Theory (3)
    LIT 4353 Ethnic Studies (3)
    LIT 4355 African & Diaspora Literature (3)
    LIT 4493 Politics and Literature (3)
    LIT 4664 Literature of the Americas (3)
    LIT 4853 Topics in Cultural Critique (3)
    LIT 4930 Literary Studies post-1800 (3)
    LIT 4934 Advanced Topics in Crit Theory (3)

    Students may choose at most six credits of the following:
    CRW 3053 Writing Theory & Practice (3)
    CRW 3111 Narrative Techniques (3)
    CRW 3311 Poetic Techniques (3)
    CRW 4120 Advanced Fiction Writing (3)
    CRW 4906 Independent Study (3)
    CRW 4930 Spec Topics -Creative Writing (3)
    ENC 3250 Professional Writing (3)
    ENC 3310 Expository Writing (3)
    ENC 3404 Advanced Writing and Editing (3)
    ENG 4906 Individual Research (3)
    ENG 4940 English Internship (1-6)
    FRT 3140 Francophone Masterworks (3)
    SPT 3100 Spanish Literary Masterpieces (3)
    SPT 3532 Hispanic Cinema (3)
    SPW 3100 Survey of Spanish Literature (3)
    SPW 3130 Latin American Literature (3)

  5. University Requirements (3 credits)
    IDS 3920 University Colloquium (3)

  6. Additional Electives - as needed to reach total credits required for the degree
Total Credits Required: 120