Academic Catalog

University Colloquium 2022-2023 Catalog Year

Course Description
FGCU has structured its curricula to emphasize the interrelationship of knowledge across disciplines and to provide students with the ability to think in whole systems. A three credit hour course, University Colloquium, brings together students and faculty from all disciplines in an interdisciplinary learning experience. The university’s guiding principles and values are discussed in this course, and students are expected to develop critical thinking and communication skills. The University Colloquium is designed to explore the ecological, social, and economic aspects of sustainability through group discussion, reflective writing, field experiences, and service-learning opportunities.  University Colloquium is a CLWS (College Level Writing Skills) course and a Service-Learning course.

Course Goals

  1. Identify ecological relationships using SWFL as a living laboratory.
  2. Analyze sustainability concepts and interactions from ecological, economic, and social perspectives.
  3. Connect principles of sustainability to your academic major, profession, and lifestyle choices.
  4. Reflect on your sense of place within the context of local, national, and global issues.

Student Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the common ecosystems of SWFL
  2. Interpret the interactions between those ecosystems
  3. Identify the components (environmental, economic, societal) of sustainability
  4. Interpret the interactions between those components
  5. Relate the value of sustainable practices to your major/career and lifestyle
  6. Describe what sense of place means
  7. Explore how an attachment to place affects ethics related to that place