Academic Catalog

University Colloquium 2023-2024 Catalog Year

FGCU has structured its curricula to emphasize the interrelationship of knowledge across disciplines and to provide students with the ability to think in whole systems. A three credit hour course, University Colloquium, brings together students and faculty from all disciplines in an interdisciplinary learning experience. In University Colloquium, students participate in the university’s mission to promote and practice environmental sustainability, embrace diversity, nurture community partnerships, value public service, and encourage civic responsibility. 

Course Description 

University Colloquium uses experiential learning to explore sustainability from a social, environmental, and personal perspective emphasizing the interrelationships of knowledge across disciplines. The course meets the state requirement for College Level Writing Skills (CLWS). 


  1. Analyze the interdependence of human and natural systems
  2. Determine the effect of injustices and inequities on human and natural communities
  3. Identify personal practices that help build sustainable communities and advocate for these practices locally, nationally, and globally
  4. Demonstrate critical thinking and effective communication skills through writing and discussion

Student Learning Objectives 

  1. Identify the services healthy ecosystems provide human communities 
  2. Link human development to local and global environmental crises 
  3. Reflect on the historical and contemporary exploitation of human and natural resources 
  4. Investigate ways to build healthy, resilient, and equitable, communities 
  5. Critically reflect on the ways your lived experiences have shaped your worldview and your sense of place. 
  6. Commit to recognizing and respecting differences in the lived experiences of others 
  7. Evaluate sources of information for accuracy, credibility, and bias 
  8. Articulate ideas supported with credible evidence

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