Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship (B.A.)

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Based on the highly supported Lean Start-Up Process, the Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship degree is a SACSCOC accredited Bachelor of the Arts program focused on facilitating the applied learning of entrepreneurship. To keep current in the field, all of our educational facilitators are involved in personal ventures, advisory boards, or research. This unique degree program gives you the opportunity to take courses and learn from a variety of classes (including Sciences, Arts, Digital Media, Hospitality & Management, and Health), while also providing you with the tools that you need to commercialize ideas in those fields. Download the Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Degree Flyer Here

  • Restricted Electives


The skills you will learn

Learn how to recognize opportunities, create a business plan, manage financials, effectively communicate your vision, and understand customers.

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Classes you will take

The Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship degree requires 33 credit hours of 2000-3000 level courses geared towards entrepreneurship and venture development. There are 12 credit hours of 3000 and above restricted to the College of Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Education, and Health & Human Services.

Classes you can take

College is about learning, so you might as well learn what you want! Take up to 36 credit hours of elective courses in the subject of your choice. If you love photography and the digital arts, take classes geared towards those.


If you are really interested in a field, you should consider minoring in it. Use some of those 36 elective credit hours to acquire a minor in the field(s) of choice. Check with you advisor to make sure it is an applicable option.

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Entrepreneurship Scholarships

With the help of our amazing donors, we have been able to help our students succeed through scholarships 

Meet Our Current Scholarship Donors:

Pyure Brands Organic Stevia 

Frank and Ellen Daveler 

If you are a student enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship (B.A.) Degree, be sure to apply for a scholarship. These scholarships are not need based, and are only for students registered for the Entrepreneurship Major or Minor*.

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*Scholarships awarded by Pyure Brands Organic Stevia are exclusively for Entrepreneurship Majors.
Matt Walden Photo For Scholarship Quote

With the help of the scholarships that I received, I was able to focus all my time on school and my music career. Thank you!”

Matt Walden

Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Major 



Entrepreneurship Minor

The applied minor

For those that want to learn entrepreneurship, but have a deeper passion for something else. The Entrepreneurship Minor is a great option for adding the entrepreneurial basics to any degree. You will take experiential courses that frame the entrepreneurial mindset, and help lay the foundation for a potential entrepreneurial career. Employers love hiring entrepreneurial interns and graduates because they tend to think criticly, creatively, and outside the box.  



Academic Advising

A unique advising experience 

Entrepreneurship Advising (Institute for Entrepreneurship Logo)
Academic Advisor
Office: Lutgert Hall Advising
Phone: 239-590-7302
Entrepreneurship Advising (Institute for Entrepreneurship Logo)
Academic Advisor
Office: Lutgert Hall Advising
Phone: 239 -590- 7302

To learn more about the Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Major or Minor, please make an appointment with any one of our awesome academic advisors.

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