Klaudia Fisheku

Klaudia Fisheku

In an internship we apply what we have learned (in classrooms) in the real world.

Meet KlaudiaKlaudia Fisheku is a rising senior at FGCU who hopes that her internship this summer with Arthrex, a leading orthopedic medical-device company, will parlay into a career there — or a place like it — as a business systems analyst.

A Computer Information Systems major with a minor in economics, Klaudia says she’s “loving every moment” of her internship, working as an IT applications architect in the Global Information Services Department for a company that is rapidly expanding as a global supplier in the healthcare industry.

One of the aspects of her internship she finds most interesting is when her supervisor allows her to attend staff meetings, where Klaudia says she gets a glimpse of what the day-to-day life of an applications architect is like. The interaction with other employees is a valuable experience, she said.

Klaudia has certifications she earned in high school as a medical administrative assistant, phlebotomy technician and fitness trainer, and hopes her knowledge in these fields, as well as in the business area, will help her support Arthrex in its mission of helping orthopedic surgeons provide the best in patient care. “I hope that after I graduate, I will have a full-time career at Arthrex,” she said.

“The value of an internship is, we learn from the textbooks and we take exams, and in an internship we apply what we have learned in the real world,” Klaudia says. Also, she knows her experience with the sophisticated, multimillion-dollar software that Arthrex uses will be of immense help when she lands that first job. She adds that the opportunity to attend webinar sessions at Arthrex has allowed her to witness the power of technology in manufacturing.

Klaudia says the assistance of her adviser and FGCU’s internship coordinator was extremely important in helping her secure an internship. She received advice on putting together her resume and was able to participate in a job fair where she got to meet with Arthrex recruiters. “FGCU has definitely been very, very helpful in providing me all of the information I needed regarding internships,” she said.

“I have really enjoyed every single moment in the Lutgert College of Business,” Klaudia said. She explained that the Common Core concept, in which business students take classes in a variety of areas, is especially beneficial. “I think that is such a great way to set things up,” enabling students to decide which path to take in their business career.

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