Dr. Robert L. Totterdale

Dr. Robert L. Totterdale

The strengths of the FGCU program lie in its dual focus on business and technology.

Meet Robert

Robert Totterdale earned his undergraduate degree in statistics from West Virginia University and his master’s in competitive intelligence and doctorate in information systems and communications both from Robert Morris University.

He joined the faculty at FGCU in 2011, bringing with him 28 years of technology and management expertise as senior partner of Accenture, a multi-national company responsible for planning and managing complex global technology change initiatives for Fortune 500 organizations.

“Teaching at FGCU is a good experience,” he said, “working with the students, assisting with program development and the accreditation process. But probably the most enjoyable aspect is seeing students develop.

“Students begin classes with varying levels of ability or knowledge. It’s gratifying to see how they progress. And especially gratifying to hear back from them after they graduate and are employed in the workforce and applying the things we taught them in their jobs.”

According to Dr. Totterdale, “The strengths of the FGCU program lie in its dual focus on business and technology. The combination of the two disciplines appeals to employers. Students aren’t just getting a technical background, they’re getting a technical background as it applies in business. What you find in many other cases is students get only the technical background. Then, when they enter the workplace, they have a difficult time communicating with people in business who are, after all, the end users.”

Dr. Totterdale considers internships extremely important and advises his students to seek hands-on opportunities to learn outside the classroom. To that end, he works with FGCU’s Career Development Services to help students find placements.

He is also enthusiastic about FGCU’s cybersecurity lab, which, he said, “will give students hands-on exposure to commercial software and help them understand vulnerabilities and how to address those vulnerabilities through technology.”

A certified information technology professional and a former licensed CPA, Dr. Totterdale has published in national and international journals. His research interests include health informatics, technology adoption, social media, globalization and cybersecurity.

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