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EEC 4307 Cogn. Exp. For Young Children
EEC 3268 Play Dev. & Assessment
EDF 3253 Learn. Mgmt. In Inclusive Classroom
EDF 3132 Adolescent Growth & Development
EDF 4112 Child Growth & Development
EDG 3323 Professional Teaching Practice
EDG 4424 Meas. & Eval. in the Classroom
EDG 4371 Creative & Affective Development
EEX 4201 Young Children with Special Needs
EEX 4050 Theories & Practice Spec. Edu.
EEX 4070 Integrating Except. Stud. In Reg. Ed.
EEX 4221 Educ. Assess. Of Excep. Students

EEX 4254 Teach. Stud. w/Mild/Mod. Disabil.
EEX 4474 Teach Stud. w/Mod/Severe Disabil.
EEX 4604 Beh. Mgmt. Spec. Needs/At Risk Stud.
MAE 4310 Math Content & Processes
RED 4310 Early Literacy Learningr
RED 4344 Methods of Teaching Reading
RED 4350 Literacy and Content Processes
SCE 4310 Science Methods
SCE 4330 Science Methods 6-12
TSL 3080 Foundations of ESOL
TSL 4520 Sec. Lang. Acq. , Comm. & Culture

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