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Partner Schools

If you are enrolled in only one Block 1 or Block 2 course or are an Education minor or Non-Education major, you will participate in a limited field experience in a partner school. Please follow the directions on the following partner school document to make arrangements for visits, at your convenience.

FGCU Partner Schools

The following partner schools have collaborated with FGCU for completing instructor assigned course work, in a school setting. Schools should be contacted one to two weeks in advance. Before emailing the school or signing up, have the following information available:

  1. Know which age/grade level you need
  2. Know the details concerning the specific course assignment you will be completing
  3. Your availability: days and times
  4. Present your Driver’s license and FGCU student ID when checking in at the main office

At no time should students contact any Lee or Collier County Public School.


Lee County

Harlem Heights Community Charter School
15570 Hagie Drive,
Fort Myers, FL 33908

Heights Charter School is an independent Charter School designed specifically to serve children in their elementary year who are at risk for academic challenges as a result of severe economic disadvantage and/or living in a home where English is not the primary language. The school currently serves children in Kindergarten-Fourth Grade.

Use this email to sign up at least one week in advance of your visit:

Dr. Deb Mathinos, Director



Bonita Charter School
25380 Bernwood Dr.,
Bonita Springs, FL

Use this link to sign up at least one week in advance;
Sign up

Add grade level and/or assignment details in the comment box. 

Gateway Charter Schools K-12
12850 Commonwealth Dr.,
Fort Myers, FL 33913

Use the following links to sign up at least one week in advance for your visits:

For the Intermediate Charter School (6th-8th) use this link:
Sign up

For the high school use this link:
Sign up

 For the elementary school use this link:
Sign up

Use this email for questions regarding Gateway Charter Elem.


De LeSalle Academy
6401 Techster Blvd.,
Fort Myers, FL 33966

De LaSalle Academy is a private, independent school that serves 145+ students in Grades 1-12 with special learning needs.  The De LaSalle program is ideal for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s Syndrome, and high functioning autism.

Use this email to sign up at least one week in advance for your visits:

Sarah Barrow, Principal


Little Eagles Learning Center-FGCU

Observations are limited to the hours of 7:00-11:00 and 3:00-6:00.

Use this email to sign up at least one week in advance.


The Cape Academy

231 Del Prado BLVD S. Suite 6 Cape Coral, FL 33990

Contact Ms. Kristen Williamson, Principal 239-573-8668

Private school providing educational services to students with special learning needs; Grades K-12.

Collier County

Gulf Coast Charter Academy South K-8
215 Airport-Pulling Road North,
Naples, FL. 34104

Use this link to sign-up at least one week in advance:
Sign up

Seacrest Country Day School
7100 Davis Blvd.,
Naples, FL 34104

Use this email to sign up at least one week in advance for your visits:
Dr. Caron Staples

Grace Place for Children and Families
4300 21st Ave. SW,
Naples, FL 34116

Use this email to sign up at least one week in advance, two weeks for more specific placements:

The Village School of Naples K-10
6000 Goodlette Road,
Naples, Florida, 34109

Call to sign up at least one week in advance for your visits:
Nicole St. Amand

Mason Classical Academy
3073 Horseshoe Dr. S.,
Naples, FL 34104

Please contact Gena Smith to sign-up at least one week in advance.

Charlotte County

Babcock Neighborhood School
Lake Babcock Dr.,
Babcock Ranch, FL 33982

Use the following email to sign-up at least one week in advance.



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