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Student Teaching Information

Information Pertaining to the Student Teaching/ Clinical Experience program.

The Student Teaching/ Clinical Experience at Florida Gulf Coast University is a two-semester experience that occurs during a student’s senior year. The Block 4 Student Teaching experience is the initial phase of a two semester clinical experience. During the Level I Student Teaching experience, each teacher candidate will be placed at a school site for two days each week for the duration of 12 weeks. During this experience, each teacher candidate will plan and teach three lessons per week and be active in all facets of classroom life.  After successfully completing the Level I Student Teaching program, each teacher candidate will be placed at a different school site to complete the Level II Student Teaching experience. The Block 5 Student Teaching experience is a full semester, capstone clinical experience where each teacher candidate is expected to report to their assigned school site each day and eventually assume lead responsibility for planning and delivering instruction to his or her assigned classroom using a co-teach model.  This final experience typically takes place during a candidate’s last semester prior to graduation.