Student Teaching Placements


Placements are updated at the end of each fall and spring semester for the following semester. If TBA is listed for your placement, you will need to check back on the site periodically for updates. You do not need to notify our office unless you do not see your name listed at all. Once you have been assigned a placement, visit our policies page to see how to be fingerprinted through the county you will be working in.

You may contact the cooperating teacher to introduce yourself and arrange your first visit. You are required to attend the orientation at the beginning of each fall and spring semester and we reserve the right to withdraw a student teacher who has not attended the orientation session.

If you have any questions or are no longer planning to complete student teaching at this time, contact the Office of Clinical Experiences & Partnerships at 239-745-4529. The list below is sorted Alphabetically by last name, and is inclusive of all Block 4, Block 5 and TIP students.


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