Guest Student Teaching

Guidelines for Guest Interns Attending Florida Gulf Coast University

FGCU's Internship Program has specific requirements for students from other universities who wish to participate in the internship process at Florida Gulf Coast University.

  • Guest internships are for final internship experiences only. Guest internships are for students who have demonstrated competencies and behaviors necessary for success in final internship.
  • The home institution must request placement for guest interns. Guest interns from SUS institutions need to complete and submit transient forms with their home institution and the FGCU registration office. The home institution needs to complete, sign, and return the Home Institution Guest Intern Packet to Florida Gulf Coast University Internship Office by the deadline. The FGCU Internship Coordination Team will make all placements. The dates of the internship must correspond to FGCU’s internship schedule.
  • Guest interns will register for tuition and fees with their home institution.
  • There is an honorarium of $1,050 paid by the student to FGCU prior to the beginning of the semester unless specified in writing that the Home Institution will make alternate arrangements for all or part of these costs. This includes cooperating teacher fee of $300 and university supervisor fee of $500 (if a student is from an SUS institution the six hour certificate of participation will substitute for the $300 due to the cooperating teacher), and a $250.00 to Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, Inc. It is the responsibility of the guest intern to render full payment as stipulated in this section.
  • Guest interns must meet their home institution's requirements for final internship to be eligible for internship at Florida Gulf Coast University.
  • Guest interns must be enrolled in a degree program with a 2.5 overall grade point average on a 4.0 scale. We require a copy of the guest intern’s academic transcript in order to assess similarities of programs. Interns are matched with fully certified cooperating teachers having the same certification in the level and area the intern is seeking.
  • Guest interns must complete a Guest Intern Application Packet and include an official transcript. All sections of the application must be completed by the deadline. Some sections of the applications are given to the cooperating teacher and other sections are for record keeping.
  • Guest interns must not take additional course(s) that conflict with internship requirements. Guest interns must follow the FGCU's internship syllabus and guidelines. To access placement and other information visit our web-site at
  • Guest interns must attend a mandatory orientation on FGCU's campus the first week of the semester. Orientation for fall internship will be the last week of August and for spring, the second week of January. Additional internship meetings are required in mid-semester and end of semester. For exact dates, visit the website or contact the Internship Office at 239-590-7775.
  • FGCU service areas are Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Glades and Hendry counties. Preference of location is dependent upon high performing schools and educators. There are no guarantees for placement preference. Guest interns meeting all requirements are placed on a space available basis.
  • Certification for elementary education in the State of Florida is for grades kindergarten through six. Certification for early childhood is age three to grade three, however, placement occurs only in grades kindergarten through third. Certification for secondary education is for grades six through twelve. Certification for special education is kindergarten through twelfth grade.
  • Guest interns are required to submit their applications for the spring semester by the preceding October 1. If placed, expect placement notification for the spring semester by early December. Application deadline for the fall semester is April 1. If placed, expect placement information for the fall semester by early June.
  • A semester at FGCU is sixteen weeks including finals. The supervised placement is twelve weeks and the intern attends the site during teacher hours. The university supervisor makes visits a minimum of five times, three of which are formal observations. The university supervisor and the cooperating teacher submit written observations and evaluations of the student.
  • Guest interns receive a S/U final grade unless specified differently. If a letter grade or evaluation forms are required, arrangements need to be agreed upon prior to placement.
  • The Florida Gulf Coast University supervisor submits evaluation materials to the FGCU Internship Office. The FGCU Internship Office forwards the materials and final grade to the contact person at the home institution.

Guest Intern Fee Payments

The Internship Office requires the following procedure be used when making payments.

Guest interns who are:

  • responsible for payment of fees should submit SEPARATE MONEY ORDERS for each item made payable to the assigned individual(s) for the amount specified.
  • Institutions responsible for payment of fees should submit a SEPARATE CHECK made payable to each attending individual(s) for the amount specified. Any checks made payable to FGCU for the entire amount of fees due will be returned.

All payments are due prior to the beginning of the academic semester. Students will not be allowed to begin internship placement unless payment has been received.

All payments should be mailed to the Internship Office at the following address for distribution:

Florida Gulf Coast University
College of Education/Internship Office
Merwin Hall, Rm. 235-B
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, Florida 33965-6565