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Rosen, Barry (PhD)

Department of Ecology & Environmental Studies
Phone: 239-745-4589

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PhD (1982) Biology, Bowling Green State University, OH
MA (1978) Biology, St. Cloud State University, MN
BSc (1976) Botany, University of Connecticut


Algal and Cyanobacteria: taxonomy, physiological ecology, aquatic biology and harmful algal blooms.

Research and Teaching Interests

All things related to algae and cyanobacteria, with emphasis on freshwater blooms, including taxonomy, genetics, population dynamics and human health impacts. Utilizing a variety of tools and an experimental approach, carefully unravel the mysteries behind the success of these organisms.

Courses Offered

Freshwater Algae
Harmful Algal Blooms


Selected publications:

Conference Presentations

  • Rosen, B.H. 2011. Cyanobacterial toxicology: composition, production and impacts(Invited speaker), Cyanobacteria and Human Health: Merging Ecology, Epidemiology and Neurologic Disorders Workshop, Bowdoin College, ME, Aug 4-6.
  • Rosen, B.H. 2012. Why Cyanobacteria Dominate the World: Ecological Strategies. 8th National Monitoring Conference, Portland, OR, Apr 30-May 4.
  • Rosen, B.H., J. Komárková, and J. Komárek. 2012. Cyanobacteria Species from Florida Everglades Floc. 9th International Wetlands Conference, Orlando, FL Jun 3-8.
  • Rosen, B.H. 2015. Cyanobacterial Ecological Strategies. Collecting Global Expertise to address the problem of harmful algal blooms: NSF & NOAA-sponsored workshop, Bowling Green State University, OH. Apr 13-14.
  • Rosen, B.H., 2015. Cyanotoxins in our water: neurotoxins, hepatotoxins and climate change. Lake Superior Binational Program, Sept. 16 (Invited speaker).
  • Rosen, B.H. 2016 and S. Rushforth. Shedding Light on Cyanobacteria. EPA Nation-wide webinar, May 11th. (Invited speaker). [audio].
  • Rosen, B.H. 2016. Ecological Strategies that Help Cyanobacteria Dominate the World. American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Santa Fe, NM Jun 6-9. (Invited)
  • Rosen, B.H., 2016. Understanding Harmful Algal Blooms and their potential impacts related to climate change. Tribal Land and Environment Forum, Uncasville, CT, Aug 16-19. (Invited speaker).
  • Rosen, B.H., 2016. Guide to Harmful Freshwater Algal Blooms for Native American Communities. FEMA Region IV & Tribal Nations Workshop. Atlanta, GA, Aug 23-25. (Invited speaker)
  • Rosen, B.H., 2016. Cyanobacteria Ecological Strategies and Impacts on Human Health, 36th Annual Symposium of the North American Lake Management Society (workshop instructor), Nov 1-4, Banff, CA
  • Rosen, B.H., 2016. Freshwater Cyanobacteria Identification, 36th Annual Symposium of the North American Lake Management Society (workshop instructor), Nov 1-4, Banff, Canada
  • Rosen, B.H., 2016. Cyanobacteria Ecological Strategies and Impacts on Human Health; Cyanobacteria Identification (invited Workshop leader); American Water Works Association, 2016 Water Quality Technology Conference & Exposition, Indianapolis, IN, Nov 13-17.
  • Paine E.C., T. Slonecker, N.S. Simon, B.H. Rosen, R. Resmini, D.W. Allen. 2017. Optical Characterization of two cyanobacteria genera, Aphanizomenon and Microcystis, with Hyperspectral Microscopy. (seminar at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, June 7th)
  • Rosen, R. Elliott, G. Ehlinger, K. Keefe, S. Traxler. 2017. Development of the RECOVER five year plan. Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Conference, Coral Springs, FL, Apr 17-20.
  • Davis, T., B. Kramer, K. Meyer, G. Oh, B. Rosen, and C. Gobler. 2018. Spatiotemporal Survey of the 2016 Lake Okeechobee and St. Lucie River Cyanobacterial Bloom, International Association for Great Lake Research, IAGLR 2018, Toronto, Jun. 18-22.
  • Graham, J.L., N.M. Dubrovsky, G.M. Foster, L.R. King, K.A. Loftin, B.H. Rosen, and E.A. Stelzer, 2019. Potential for Cyanotoxin Occurrence in the Nation’s Large Rivers. 11th National Monitoring Conference, Denver, CO, Mar. 25-29.
  • Rosen, B.H., Newman, S., Saunders, C., Trexler, J., Harvey, J., Coronado-Molina, C., and Tate-Bolt, E. 2019. Algae indicators of ecosystem response in the Decomp Physical Model High-flow experiment. Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Conference, Coral Springs, FL, Apr 23-26.

Grants & Awards

Harmful Algal Bloom Dynamics in Lake Okeechobee: US Army Corps of Engineers (2019-2021; $2,400,000) in cooperation with the US Geological Survey, Nova Southeastern University, Florida Gulf Coast University, South Florida Water Management District and Florida Department of Environmental Health.