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Christian Ercolani, PhD

Instructor I
Dept of Ecology & Environ Studies
Office: MOD 2 - 22
Phone: 239-745-4555

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PhD in Geochemistry, University of Wollongong (Australia), Université de Strasbourg (France)
M.S. in Environmental Science, FGCU
B.S. in Marine Science, FGCU

Research and Teaching Interests

Teaching interests: Environmental Science, Earth Science, Marine Systems, Geology
Research interests: Landscape response to climate change, Hurricanes in Southwest Florida, Paleoclimate


  • Ercolani, C., Lemarchand, D., Dosseto, A. (2019) Insights on catchment-wide weathering regimes from boron isotopes in riverine material, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol. 261, pp. 35-55.
  • Ercolani, C., Muller, J., Collins, J., Savarese, M. Squiccimara, L. (2015) Intense Southwest Florida hurricane landfalls over the past 1000 years, Quaternary Science Reviews, Vol. 126, pp. 17-25.