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Davies, Kevin (PhD)

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry & Physics
Office: SH 0437
Phone: 239-590-1459

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Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh
B.S. Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh


Analytical Chemistry, Biomedical Imaging, Photoacoustic Calorimetry, Chemical Education

Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Davies received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from The University of Pittsburgh, where he studied the use of the photoacoustic effect to probe photoinitiated reactions. He has since adapted these methods to develop and identify molecules that serve as effective biomedical imaging reporter molecules, and allow chemical sensing to occur in cloudy solutions and substances. As an analytical chemist, he is interested in a wide range of chemical measurement issues, and has developed training systems for Fortune 500 companies, harvested emplaced landmines in Cambodia and examined their composition and how they degrade in contact with soils, and published work in chemical education pertaining to better ways to train students and employees in performing chemical measurements.
In teaching, Dr. Davies uses "flipped classroom" and "active learning" strategies in his courses, and publishes research in these methodologies. He centers his teaching in the General and Analytical Chemistry components of the curriculum.

Courses Offered

  • General Chemistry I + lab – CHM1045 and CHM1045L (3 cr. + 1 cr.)
  • Analytical Chemistry and Lab – CHM3120c (4 cr.), CHM3120 (3 cr.) and CHM3120L (1 cr.)
  • Instrumental Analysis and Lab – CHM4130 (3 cr.) and 4130L (1 cr.)
  • Senior Capstone Course- Chemistry (1 cr.) – team-taught course to prepare graduating majors for Chem GRE subject exam.
  • Senior Seminar (3 cr.) – Course designed to expose graduating seniors to research seminars from a variety of chemical specialties, as well as prepare them fo job and graduate applications.
  • Lasers in Physical Science – CHM 4174C (4 cr.) – new course for FGCU first taught Fall-2018. Practical theory and applications of lasers in physical sciences.


Selected publications
  • (Accepted, 22-Feb-2019) Davies, K. W., The Efficacy of Flipped Laboratory Multiperspective Videos in Skill Acquisition, J. Coll. Sci. Teaching.
  • J. E. Brown, L. Diaz, T. Christoff-Tempesta, K. M. Nesbitt, J. Reed-Betts, J. Sanchez, K. W. Davies, Characterization of Nitrazine Yellow as a Photoacoustically-active pH Reporter Molecule, Anal. Chem., 87(7) (2015), 3623-3630.
  • Davies, K. W., Maivald, D., Grabowski, J. J. A Photoacoustic Calorimetric Characterization of the Reaction Enthalpy and Volume for the Preparation of a Reactive Intermediate from CpMn(CO)3. J. Photochem. Photobiol., A, 197 (2008) 335-341.

Conference Presentations

Selected conference presentations:
  • Roche, B., Doles, N., Felden, M., Rhodes, L., Davies, K. W., Liao, J., Macroporous Scaffolds and Light Therapy for Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose Stem Cells, Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting, October 16-19, 2019
  • Davies, K. W., "Chemical Sensing via the Photoacoustic Effect: Developing Chemical Reporters that Permit Non-invasive, Standoff, and/or Remote Sensing", SOFL-ACS Meeting, Feb-21-2019.
  • Thomas, B., Davies, K., Paikoff, S., Staussberger, T., Bacalzo, D., Evers, C., "Building a New Community: Students and Faculty as Partners in Education", Southwest Florida Symposium on Teaching and Learning, Jan-22-23 2019.
  • Davies, K. W., "Multiperspective Views in Teaching Laboratory Techniques", SciX, Invited Talk, Sept-28, 2015.
  • Davies, K. W., A pH Reporter Molecule for Measurements and 3D Imaging in Turbid Media, SciX, Presented Poster, Sept-30, 2015.
  • Christoff-Tempesta, T., Diaz, L., Brown, J., Nesbitt, K., Sanchez, J., Reed-Betts, J., Davies, K. W., Ph. D, The Characterization of Nitrazine Yellow as a Photoacoustically Active pH Indicator Dye, Poster, Life Sciences of South Florida Conference, April 2014.
  • Davies, Kevin W., The Photoacoustic Effect: Using Light to Play 'Marco – Polo' in Biomedical Imaging, Invited Talk, Ave Maria University Chemistry Department, 2013.
  • Hartshorn, Tony, Vallotton, Jeremiah D, Johnson, Elizabeth A., Davies, Kevin W., Ressler, Daniele J., and King, Colin C., A Pedological Approach To Landmine Aging, Presentation, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 2010.
  • Vallotton, J. D., Hartshorn, A. S., Ressler, D. J., Johnson, E. A., Davies, K. W., Estes, E. J., Cabaniss, K. A., King, C. S., Specters of Destruction: Aging Landmine Functionality, Poster, Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program/ Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (SERDP/ESTCP) Annual Symposium, 2010.
  • Nesbitt, K. M., Davies, K. W., Identification of Photoacoustically Active Imaging Dyes and Indicators, Pittcon, Presented Poster, 2010.
  • Davies, K. W., Ramsooksingh, M. D., Jones, C., Integrating Technological Approaches to Science Education into the 1st - 8th Grade Classroom, NSF GK-12 National Meeting, Presented Poster, 2007.

Grants & Awards

  • Acquisition of a Density Meter to Enhance Undergraduate Research and Education at FGCU, McManus, G. Davies, K. W. (PI), Internal Award, (2019).
  • Acquisition of High-Performance Computation Servers for Computational Research and Education at FGCU, Dhumal, N., Reilly, j., Davies, K, Feng, C., Koufakou, A., Zhang, X., Cao, B., Ceron, L., Sheng, Y. Scholarship-Research Venture Capital Fund Award, (2019).
  • Inactivation of Virus Particles via the Photoacoustic Effect, Davies, K. W. (PI), Internal Award, (2015).
  • Development of a Training Program for Titration Measurements and Control of Process Baths in an Aerospace Metalworking Facility, Adl, P., Davies, K. W. (PI), Parker-Hannifin, (2014).
  • Bodies of Organisms and Bodies of Water: Noninvasive Chemical Measurements in Turbid Samples, Davies, K. W. (PI), Florida Gulf Coast University Office Of Research And Sponsored Programs Internal Grant Program, (2011).
  • Study of the Effects of Aging on Landmines, Phase 2, Year 1, Ressler, D. J., Hartshorn, A., Johnson, E. A., Davies, K. W., Hughes, W. C., US Department of State Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, Grants to Deal with Landmines, Explosive Remnants of War, and At-Risk Small Arms, Light Weapons, and Munitions Stockpiles.