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Program Director for Occupational Therapy/Professor

 Pediatrics | Sensory Integration | Mental Health

Dr. Jaffe earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Mt Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA), a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University, and a Doctor of Science in Therapeutic Studies from Boston University. Her clinical work was primarily school system practice in MA, Early Intervention and Head Start in MA and GA, and administration with the MA Easter Seal Society.
Dr. Jaffe has been an academic well over twenty years, primarily at the Medical College of GA/Augusta University (Augusta, GA), where she was Program Director from 2013-2014 and retired as a Professor Emerita. Dr. Jaffe’s areas of interest include pediatrics, mental health, and research. She is a life-long learner, adept with and fascinated by instructional technology. Her current research interests include effectiveness of teaching strategies in occupational therapy education, and development of critical thinking. She is a member of AOTA, where she is on the Roster of Fellows, WFOT, and FOTA.

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  • Dr. Jaffe's clinical experience includes work in the public schools in MA, and early intervention in MA and GA.
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