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Rojo Polo, Miguel (Ph.D.)

Instructor I, Spanish
Department of Language & Literature

 Spanish Language, Literature and Culture

Miguel got his bachelors in English from University of Salamanca, in Spain. He moved to USA to work on his master in Education in Wisconsin, where he later on completed a second master in Spanish Language and literature. Before starting his doctorate, he worked in different institutions in the USA, Europe and Asia.
He started his PhD in Spanish literatures and cultures at University of California -Davis in 2015, with a designated emphasis on Human rights. While at California he created and taught various courses including Human Rights in the popular imagination, Humanities courses that deal with immigration and popular culture, and various special talks regarding Graphic novels and television.
He is a member of the Modern Language Association (MLA) as well as many of its regional associations: Midwestern MLA, Pacific Ancient MLA, Northeaster MLA. He is also a Member of Latin American Studies Association (LASA).

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