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Pipitone, Nate (PhD)

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Office: MOD1 0006
Phone: 239-745-4414

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Ph.D. in Psychology, concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University at Albany in 2011.
Before arriving at FGCU, I was an associate professor at Adams State University in Southern Colorado.

Research and Teaching Interests

Broadly defined, my research considers the impact of evolution on human behavior and cognition. Specific areas include how the human voice disseminates important biological information, early and late visual attention processing of evolutionarily relevant stimuli, and sex differences in mating strategies. I also enjoy collaborating with like-minded colleagues and students on a wide variety of research topics, for example best practices of medical Cannabis use in the state of Florida.

Courses Offered

General Psychology (PSY 2012)
Survey of Analytical Techniques (PSY 3205)
Physiological Psychology (PSB 4002)
Drugs and Behavior (PSB 3444)
Evolutionary Psychology (PSB 2580)


Selected peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Shoup-Knox, M.L., Ostrander, G.M., Reimann, G.E. & Pipitone, R.N. (2019). Fertility-dependent acoustic variation in women’s voices previously shown to affect listener physiology and perception. Evolutionary Psychology, 1-10.
  • Ostrander, G.M., Pipitone, R.N. & Shoup-Knox, M.L. (2018). Interactions between observer and stimuli fertility status: Endocrine and perceptual responses to intrasexual vocal fertility cues. Hormones and Behavior, 98, 191-197.
  • Pipitone, R.N., Gallegos, B., & Walters, D. (2017). Physiological responses to trypophobic images and further scale validity of the trypophobia questionnaire. Personality and Individual Differences, 108, 66-68.
  • Pipitone, R.N., Gallup, G.G.Jr., & Bartels, A. (2016). Variation in men’s masculinity affects preferences for women’s voices at different points in the menstrual cycle. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 10(3), 188-201.
  • Open Science Collaboration (2015). Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science. Science, 349(6251).
  • Shoup-Knox, M.L., & Pipitone, R.N. (2015). Physiological changes in response to hearing female voices recorded at high and low fertility. Physiology & Behavior, 139, 386 – 392.