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, PhD


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PhD, Biological Sciences (Biochemistry, May 2013: University of Havana, Cuba
MSC Biochemistry (May 2007) University of Havana, Cuba
BSC Chemistry (July 1992) University of Havana, Cuba

Research and Teaching Interests

Research Interest: Protein Purification and Structure, Enzymes activity and inhibition, Glycobiology, Clinical aspects of Biochemistry
Teaching Interests: Biochemistry, General Chemistry, Students mentoring, Analytical Biochemistry

Courses Offered

Courses Offered
  • Biochemistry (BCH3023C)
  • Gen Chem Lab I (CHM1045L)
  • Gen Chem Lab II (CHM1046L)


(Only showing publications since 2011)

  • García-Fernández, R., Peigneur, S., Pons, T., Alvarez, C., González, L., Chávez, M. A., Tytgat, J.. (2016) The Kunitz-Type Protein ShPI-1 Inhibits Serine Proteases and Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels. Toxins 8: 110; doi:10.3390/toxins8040110).
  • García-Fernández, R., Ziegelmüller, P., González, L., Mansur, M., Machado, Y., Hahn, U., Betzel, C., Chávez M. Á. (2016) Expression in Pichia pastoris and characterization of K13L and Y15S variants of ShPI-1, a protease inhibitor from Stichodactyla helianthus. Prot. Exp. Pur. 123, 42-50.
  • González, L., Sánchez, R., Rojas, L., Pascual, I., García-Fernández, R., Chávez, M. and Betzel, C. (2016) Screening of Protease Inhibitory Activity in Aqueous Extracts of Marine Invertebrates from Cuban Coast. Am. J. Anal. Chem. 7, 319-331.
  • García-Fernández, R., Ramos-Echazabal, G., Rosenbaum, T., Pons, T. BPTI-Kunitz-type toxins and protease inhibitors from marine invertebrates: sequence analysis, structure-function and biotechnological or biomedical potentialities (in prep, BBA general subjects).
  • Hernández, J. E., García-Fernández, R, Valiente, P. A. (2015) Polar Desolvation and position 226 are crucial for the interaction of neutrophil and pancreatic elastases with the Kunitz-type inhibitors ShPI-1 and ShPI-1/K13L. PlosOne 10(9): e0137787. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0137787
  • García-Fernández, R., Perbandt, M., Rehders, D., Ziegelmüller, P., Piganeau, N., Hahn, U., Betzel, C., Chávez, M. Á., Redecke, L. (2015). Three-dimensional Structure of a Kunitz-type Inhibitor in Complex with an Elastase-like Enzyme. J. Biol. Chem. 290, 14154-14165.
  • García-Fernández, R., Alonso del Rivero, M., Reitor, M. L., Chávez, M. A. (2015) Inhibidores de proteasas tipo BPTI-Kunitz: estudios de relación estructura-función. Rev. Cub. Cienc. Biol. 4(2):2-19.
  • Garcia, R., Athari, S.S. (2015) Overview of Relationship of Allergic Asthma with Diet and Food Intake. J. Food Qual. Haz. Control 2: 1-5.
  • García-Fernández, R. (2015) A Brief Summary about Analytical Laboratory Methods of Food Microbial Pathogens. J. Food Qual. Haz. Control, 2:77-78
  • Pentón-Madrigal, A., Estevez-Rams, E., Reguera, E., Rodríguez-Hernández, J. Concepción-Rosabal, B., García-Basabe, Y., García-Fernández, R., Talavera, A., Moreno, E. (2013) A decade of Cuban presence in Synchrotron light source facilities. Rev. Cub. Fis. 30: 36-41.
  • González, Y., Gil, D. Alonso del Rivero, M., Pascual, I., García, R. Delfín, J., Díaz, J., Araujo, M. S., Tanaka, A., Pons, T., Chávez, M. A. (2013) Inhibidores de serino proteasas de naturaleza proteica aislados de invertebrados marinos. Rev. Cub. Cienc. Biol. 2(1): 5-13.
  • Rivero, M. A., González, Y., Pascual, I., García, R., Delfín, J., Díaz, J., Chávez, M. A. (2013) Inhibidores de proteasas multifuncionales de naturaleza proteica. Rev. Cub. Cienc. Biol. 2(1): 14-21.
  • García-Fernández R, Pons T, Perbandt M, Valiente P.A, Talavera A, González Y., Rehders D, Chávez M. A, Betzel Ch, Redecke, L. (2012). Structural insights into serine protease inhibition by a marine invertebrate Kunitz-type inhibitor. J. Struct. Biol. 180: 271-279.
  • García-Fernández R, Pons T, Meyer A., Perbandt M, González Y., Gil D, Chávez M. A, Betzel Ch, Redecke, L. (2012). Crystal structure of the recombinant BPTI-Kunitz type inhibitor rShPI-1A from the marine invertebrate Stichodactyla helianthus. Acta Cryst. F68: 1289-1293.
  • Ramos-Echazábal, G., Chinea, G., García-Fernández, R., Pons, T (2012) In silico studies of potential phosphoresidues in the human nucleophosmin/B23: its kinases and related biological processes. J. Cell. Biochem. 113(7): 2364-74.
  • Gil, D.F., García-Fernández, R., Alonso-del-Rivero, M., Lamazares, E., Pérez, M., Varas, L., Díaz, J., Chávez, M.A., González-González, Y., Mansur, M. (2011) Recombinant expression of ShPI-1A, a non-specific BPTI-Kunitz-type inhibitor, and its protection effect on proteolytic degradation of recombinant human miniproinsulin expressed in Pichia pastoris. FEMS yeast res. 11(7): 575-86.

Grants & Awards

  • Outstanding PhD thesis in Natural Sciences (issued by University of Havana, 2013)
  • Outstanding PhD thesis (issued by Faculty of Biology, 2013)
  • Annual Research Award to outstanding results (issued by University of Havana, 2008, 2013, 2015)
  • National Research Award (to outstanding national results in Cuba) (issued by the Cuban Academy of Sciences, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2013)
  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Research Fellowships (issued in 2011, 2009 and 2008 for short research stays in the University of Hamburg, Germany)
  • IFS (International Foundation for Science Research) Grant Support ($20,000) 2006 and 2010

Dr Garcia-Fernandez received her BSc in Chemistry, MSc in Biochemistry and PhD in Biological Sciences degrees from the University of Havana, Cuba. She previously worked as researcher at the Center for Protein Studies from the University of Havana, Cuba and the Center for Genetic Engineering (CIGB), also in Cuba. Part of her PhD research was completed at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Hamburg, and the German Electron Synchrotron, both in Germany. She has been involved in teaching activities for over 20 years. These activities have included lectures, laboratory instruction, supervision of undergraduate and graduate students and participation on academic committees for Biochemistry programs. In 2016, she moved to SWF and started working as adjunct instructor at FSW College, FGCU and Hodges University. She also got the certification and Florida license as Clinical Laboratory Technologist (AMT).