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Rolle, Roderick

Instructor I
Department of Biological Sciences
Office: MOD2 0001
Phone: 239-745-4484

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B.S. Biology 1997, M.S. Cellular/Molecular Biology 2000, Ph.D. Biological Science 2004
Post doc training in Neuroscience 2005 – 2006. College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical sciences at Florida A & M University
Master degree training in Cellular/Molecular from 1997 – 2000. While training at Florida A & M University for my master's degree, I performed research on the translocation of steroid receptors from the cytosolic receptors to the nuclear receptors. This process was achieved with the utilization of chaperone proteins.
Doctorate degree train in Microbiology from 2000 – 2004. While training at Tennessee State University for my doctorates degree, I performed research on several gram positive bacteria. I did a full genomic and protein profile of many different bacterial strains of the bacteria genera Bacillus thuringiensis in the middle Tennessee area.
Undergraduate training

Research and Teaching Interests

I am a 3rd generation teacher that truthfully believes teaching is a lost art form. Teaching is nothing more than explaining different aspects of life through story telling. The stories I like telling the most are about how microorganisms affect the 11 organ systems of man. So my specific areas of teaching include; microbiology, anatomy and physiology and biology.
Currently, I am a Board Certified Clinical Lab director in the State of Florida. With this honorable distinction, I have been helping schools develop laboratory facilities. I have also been working on several research projects within the past two decades. Most of my publications are from the research I performed on a bacterium that is used as a bio-pesticide (Bacillus thuringiensis). This bacterium produces a natural protein that is toxic to susceptible insects. The most recent project I worked on was with the effects of opiates on neuronal cell signaling processes. This activation process involves many variant forms of the morphine receptor.

Courses Offered

Current/Active Courses

BSC1010, General Biology Fall/Spring
Previous Courses

MCB3010 Microbiology
MCB2000 Nursing Microbiology
BSC2093/4 Anatomy and Physiology I/II
BSC1010 General Biology
BSC1005 Biology for non-science majors.


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