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Yainitza Hernandez-Rodriguez, PhD

Assistant Professor
Dept of Biological Sciences
Office: Whitaker Hall WH - 248
Phone: 239-590-1264

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Project Coordinator for the National Science Foundation Project Language-Rich Inquiry Science with English Language Learners through Biotechnology (LISELL-B); 2014-2017
PhD in Fungal Biology, University of Georgia, Athens
BS in Microbiology, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

Research and Teaching Interests

Areas of interest include fungal cell biology, genetics, and K-12 STEM/STEAM education.
Through education we have the extraordinary opportunity to support and shape the future leaders of this nation. My passion for education, curriculum development and programs that ensure student success is what drives my interests and research. I utilize my research in the model system Aspergillus nidulans as a tool to engage and provide students the necessary academic and higher order scientific skills to prepare them for their professional endeavors.

As the importance of and reliance on STEM disciplines becomes a growing national priority, we are in need of education and curriculum that sustains the demands of the coming years. For this reason, I am interested in creating partnerships and mentor programs between undergraduates and 6-12 level students that will encourage and engage students in developing leadership skills and ownership of their education and career aspirations. I am also interested in working within the community resources, district and school administrators, and teachers at the 6-12 level in order to create curriculum and opportunities that engage students in critical thinking and scientific inquiry. These mentorship and professional development programs can provide the tools necessary to prepare and engage students in following careers in STEM/STEAM disciplines. I am also interested in researching how these type of programs correlate with students' career aspirations.

Courses Offered

Current Courses

  • PCB3063C - Genetics