Events & Spotlights

Eagle Advocacy Legislative Kickoff

President Martin hosted the Eagle Advocacy Legislative Kickoff on Thursday, September 30 to present an overview of FGCU's Legislative Agenda and advocacy efforts.  FGCU Provost Mark Rieger, Student Government President Alyssa Fleischer and Chair of the Alumni Association Board of Directors Michael Nachef spoke about the importance and positive impact the legislative agenda would have upon FGCU. 



Student Government Elects New President for 2021-2022

Alyssa Fleischer began her term as FGCU's 24th Student Government President on April 1, 2021, and will serve a one-year term ending on March 31, 2022.  During this term, she will also serve as a member of the FGCU Board of Trustees. 

President Fleischer is a senior majoring in Legal Studies with a double minor in both Political Science and Peace & Social Justice.  After graduating in the Spring of 2022, she plans to continue to pursue these degrees in law school.

She has served in multiple capacities within the FGCU Student Government, been a Frosh Mosh Peer Mentor for the Multicultural Leadership Development Center and is returning for her fourth season as an FGCU Cheerleader.  

"I am so thankful for the opportunities I have been given and my passions include serving and helping students find their homes on campus as I've found mine. Attending FGCU as a First-Generation college student has pushed me to become the leader I am today and I'm looking forward to my last year here."


2021 Eagle Advocacy Legislative Appreciation Reception

President Martin hosted the 2021 Eagle Advocacy Legislative Appreciation Reception on June 10 to thank the members of the Southwest Florida Legislative Delegation for their tireless efforts and continuous support during the 2021 Legislative Session.


2021 Legislative Internship Program

The Office of Government Relations Legislative Internship Program has had another successful year despite the restrictions due to COVID-19.

While visiting Tallahassee during the week of April 13-15, the four legislative interns had the opportunity to spend time with Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez. 

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"Though the COVID pandemic changed some of the elements of the internship, I was still blown away by all of the incredible opportunities and experience I had throughout the semester” -Camron Greetham

“Being a legislative intern at FGCU has opened up so many opportunities for me! The professional experience and skills I learned are immeasurable. This opportunity has prepared me for the real world of politics, law, and criminal justice which I now feel ready for. I have landed an administrative position at a prestigious law firm, and no doubt this internship helped me achieve this new opportunity!” –Paige Hurbanek

“This internship ignited a passion for politics and civic engagement within me that I will carry for the rest of my life.”–Adina Reece

“The internship with the Office of Government Relations is a unique opportunity and great experience to be involved with the state legislative process.”–Robert Silano, III


2021 FGCU Day at the Capitol

FGCU Day at the Capitol was on March 23. FGCU’s Student Government and the four Office of Government Relations Legislative Interns  proudly represented FGCU and had several virtual meetings with elected officials to advocate for FGCU's legislative priorities.


Representative Borrero Visits FGCU

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Representative Borrero had the opportunity to visit FGCU last Friday, January 22.  This was Representative's first time on campus, so President Martin gave him the grand tour.  After the tour, President Martin and Representative Borrero met with Executive Director of The Water School Greg Tolley, Vice President of Student Success and Enrollment Management Mitch Cordova, Director of Government Relations Jennifer Goen to discuss FGCU's University of Distinction: The Water School, our focus on student success, and the 2021 Legislative Agenda. Another part of the conversation with the Representative highlighted FGCU's on-going community outreach and water quality education in the surrounding communities.  It was a very productive and positive meeting.

"I met with President Martin and his team and was very impressed with all of the work they are doing to prepare students for the work force and learned about all their initiatives to improve our water quality in South-west Florida. Their success is a model which should be mimicked across the state. I am looking forward to collaborating with FGCU during my tenure at the Florida House."


Legislative Delegation Meetings

Student Governmental Relations Director, Jacob Barton, attended the Charlotte County Delegation meeting on Thursday, December 10 to support President Martin and present a student's view of the 2021 FGCU Legislative Budget request.

Student Governmental Relations Director Jacob Barton, Student Government President Jacob Goldman and Student Government Chief of Staff Nathan Campbell joined President Martin on Friday, December 4 to present the FGCU 2021 Legislative Budget Request to the Collier County Legislative Delegation.

FGCU day

Senator Ben Albritton, Representative Michael Grant, SG Government Relations Director Jacob Barton and Senator Joe Gruters

FGCU day

SG Government Relations Director Jacob Barton, SG President Jacob Goldman, SG Chief of Staff Nathan Campbell and President Mike Martin


Eagle Advocate and FGCU Alumnus is FGCU Effect

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Eagle Advocacy is tremendously appreciative for all the partnerships that have developed through the support and advocacy of Florida Gulf Coast University.  We are especially proud to partner with the FGCU Alumni Association and our active FGCU Alumni. The knowledge, experience and passion each alumnus possess is invaluable to both Eagle Advocacy and FGCU.

As an active Eagle Advocate and President of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, Michael Nachef has made significant impacts not only to FGCU, but in the surrounding community as well. 

 "Investing in something larger than ourselves gives life meaning and is something instilled in every FGCU Eagle undergrad. I have been exceptionally fortunate to have had opportunities to advocate for Florida Gulf Coast University for more than a decade. I advocated for FGCU in student government, while working for former University President Bradshaw, and while serving as a Legislative Assistant in the Florida Senate. I continue to advocate for FGCU today as President of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and Lee Health System Director of Government Relations. SWFL is stronger when FGCU is stronger. I'm proud to support FGCU and I invite you to join me and become an Eagle Advocate! Together we can fight for the best version of our university!  Go Eagles!"


Past Events 2019-2020


  • 2020 FGCU Day at the Capitol

  • Water School at FGCU: Ceremonial Groundbreaking Event