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Krishna Shenai, PhD

Shenai 260x260Krishna Shenai joined the Emergent Technology Institute (ETI) in 2019

Dr. Shenai is an internationally renowned electrical and systems engineer with more than 40 years of combined industry, academic and entrepreneurial experience. His teaching and research activities are focused on developing and deploying advanced signal, sensing, communication, power and energy systems and technologies for terrestrial and space applications. He has authored or co-authored some 450 peer-reviewed archived papers in top international conferences and journals, edited 10 books, and hold 12 issued US patents. He is a Fellow of IEEE, a Fellow of AAAS, a Fellow of American Physical Society, a Fellow of IETE (India), and a Foreign Member of Academy of Engineers of Serbia (AES). Currently he serves as a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) and as an Editor of IEEE J. Electron Device Society (EDS).

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