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Lisa Zidek, Ph.D.


Dr. Lisa Zidek joined FGCU as Academic Program Director and Associate Professor of Bioengineering in January, 2007. Dr. Zidek was promoted to Associate Dean in July 2013. 

Dr. Zidek received the BS in Industrial Engineering from Marquette University, the MS in Mechanical Engineering from Marquette University, the MS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and the Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Health Systems Management from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Dr. Zidek is the lead instructor for the Engineering Service Learning, Engineering Entrepreneurship and Health Care Engineering courses at FGCU. She also coordinates the Introduction to the Engineering Profession course and is involved in many outreach programs in the local K-12 schools. She is currently a program evaluator for ABET, a past Senior Vice President of the Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) in the area of student development, and a past member of the IIE's Board of Trustees.