The Digital Media Design (B.A) program was approved April 19th 2019 and then officially launched August 16th 2019. This program grew out of a design concentration in the Art (B.A.) program in the Bower School of Music & The Arts at Florida Gulf Coast University. The DMD program has become the second STEM design B.A. in the state of Florida and has already been ranked as 25th in the country by Study.com for undergraduate degrees in Digital Media Design (2021).

The DMD program had three years to prepare for it’s launch as a B.A. degree in 2019, and over that time we were able to build strong connections between students, communities and businesses. These relationships have been greatly enhanced through the increased productivity of the new program. We have multiple class projects and internship opportunities for our design students to work with local area businesses, as well as non-profit and government agencies.

From 2019 to the Fall of 2021 the program has grown exponentially fast over that time. Growth, diversity, innovation and evolution are at the heart of the DMD program. Since the launch of the program, we have attracted creative students from the Southwest Florida Area area and far beyond.

The program has always been focused on the professional preparation for technology-based careers in the rapidly evolving world of digital design. Students work with new design paradigms to create products for multiple media platforms. This includes careers in web design, interactive design, experience design, interface design, video game design, animation and graphic design.

As the DMD program continues to grow, we look forward to the next five years. We hope to expand into new spaces, establish a center for design and launch a design graduate program.