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2022 Senior Project Show 

Opening Reception - Friday, April 22nd, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Friday, April 22nd, 5:00PM - Thursday, April 28th, 5:00PM
Lucas Hall, FGCU Main Campus

The senior class of 2022 brings to you our Senior Project show, Emergence. Digital Media
Design Senior Projects give us the opportunity to create our own unique design projects that
express our passion and aptitude for digital media design.

We chose the name "Emergence'' because it represents each of our journeys as designers. The
title represents how we feel as we graduate and move onto what’s next in life. Each of us are
growing into the designers that we're meant to be; we're learning to be individuals. But we're
also learning how to work as a cohesive unit. We feel that this directly relates to the concept of
emergence in philosophy. It is believed that emergence occurs when different entities interact
and their unique properties contribute to a wider whole. As we emerge as young designers, our
work contributes to the world of design, and as it impacts others, the world as a whole.

Each of us decided on our own project to express our passion for design. In this group of
projects, you will find a large diversity of design work, ranging from video game design to
projection mapping to brand design. Even though everyone took their own path making fantastic
projects, we supported each other along the way. We are excited for you to experience each
and every project.



App Development


  • Christian Bedwell | "Mixjam Music Companion App"


Augmented Reality

  • Emily Schwarz | "CYBARSPACE"

  • Rebecca Ubeda | " We are 7 : 보라해 "


Interactive Design

  • Katie Coleman | "Liminal Space"

  • Cera Elliot | "Positive Reflections"


Product/Service Design

  • Stephanie Arias | "JUNKS"

  • Glenny Cancio | "Stellar Lacquer"

  • Caitlyn Newman | "Transcended Practices"

  • Brianna Pugh | "Sweet Threads"

  • Laura Whalen | "Wesley Paints"


Projection Mapping

  • Nolan Nowak | "Anatomy in 3D"

  • Chloe Zeiler | "In Her Eyes"


Publication Design


Video Game Design

  • Joseph Adams | "Dungeon Riders"

  • Theresa Balars | "Face It!"

  • Hunter Bedwell | "Gran Turismo 3 Game UI Overhaul"

  • Levi Bell | "Dragon King"

  • Skyanna Billman | "The Last Tree"

  • Cody Deno | "Wheeler's World"

  • Zevari Norman | "The Circle"