Field Trips


Digital Media Design II

Design students worked with SWFL LeeTran transport on creating campaigns to encourage safe use of the Bus serviced LeeTran provide. Student created a series of instructional videos that would inform and educate the LeeTran Ridership as well as print materials for inside the busses and signage for the stops. The videos selected would be shown across all LeeTran social media, YouTube and in their travel hubs.

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Parr Moto

Graphic Design II

Design agency Parr Moto’s main client is Harley Davidson. Students worked on a brief with Parr Moto and the Six Bends Harley Davidson dealership on a campaign. The main brief was to encourage younger riders to buy into the Harley brand. Working with designers at Parr Moto the students made a field trip out to Six Bends to better understand the brand, their bikes and the lifestyle. For the project students came up with graphics, posters, flyers and a catalog aimed at the 20-30 demographic.

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Presstige Printing

Graphic Design II

Students studying print-based Graphic Design were taken on field trips to a full-scale print shop in Bonita Springs, Presstige Printing. This visit gave students a much deeper insight into the large-scale production process of a professional printers. Students spoke with production designers, quality testers, marketing and advertising professionals. Students were instructed in several different production and finishing processes from catalogs and magazines to packaging printing and design.

Presstige Printing have also awarded paid internships to several DMD students over the years.

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Seminole Museum

Digital Media Design II

Students in Digital Media Design 2 went on a field trip to the Seminole Tribe Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum. The project as working with the museum curators to design new and engaging media for the museum. The field trip was fact-finding to see how interaction, motion graphics, animation and print design could be used within the space to better engage visitors with the exhibits.

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