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Interaction Research Lab (IRL)

Picture of Interaction Research Lab

Interaction Research Lab - Library 457

The Interaction Research Lab, directed by Dr. Rama Hoetzlein, is an experimental research space which supports full-body motion capture, hand tracking, and virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) for immersive environments. This space has been used for collaborations with Dance and Physiology in addition to supporting teaching for 3D Animation. Students in Digital Media Design have access to the Interaction Lab through classes and research collaborations.

Motion Capture - with Noitom Perception Neuron

Noitom Perception Neuron Noitom Perception Neuron

Our lab uses the Notiom Perception Neuron capture system which is an inertial system based on magnetic positioning and thus uses no cameras. Tracking follows magnetic markers strapped to the body.

Picture of Noitom Perception Neuron In Use

The performer can create complex motions which are recorded at 90 or 120hz. The Notiom system gives high quality data including full turns, jumps and hands. A limitation of magnetic systems is difficulty with feet-free motions (cartwheels, handstands, leaps) yet the costs are significantly lower than multi-camera motion systems and the Noitom is portable.

Data Gloves

Data Gloves

Our lab uses the Noitom VR Gloves to record finger motions. This allows for the recording of full performances including the body and hands. We also use the VR Gloves to explore more detailed and complex experiments for real-time manipulations in virtual reality.

HTC Vive Trackers

HTC Vive Trackers

The Interaction Research Lab also has HTC Vive Trackers for experiments in VR/AR. Vive trackers can be placed on any object to track its motion in 3D. Combined with the Noitom for body motion this enables the lab to track objects simultaneously with a human body. Example include moving a box, wielding a sword, or opening a lid.

Picture of HTC Vive Trackers In Use For Violin Performance

Students explore a wide range of motions for their own projects. Here our research students record motions for a senior project on violin performance (Angela Humphrey) and for hero and fighting motions (Joseph Adams).

Picture of Noitom Perception Neuron In Use For Combat Motions