FGCU Alert

FGCU continues work on Blue Pole/call box outage. Do not use these devices. In an emergency, dial 911/UPD @ 239-590-1900 or Guardian Eagle App.

Video Game Design

Ashley Papp's "Occidere"


Ashley Papp

Audrey Mobley's "The Journey"

The Journey

Audrey Mobley

Audrey Mobley's "Untitled"


Audrey Mobley

Christopher Bicknese's "Peanuts"


Christopher Bicknese

Julianna Newman's "FAMBAM"


Julianna Newman

Maddie Chaffe's "Molly Galaxy"

Molly Galaxy

Maddie Chaffe

Michael Rechkemmer's "Sunrise Dropkick"

Sunrise Dropkick

Michael Rechkemmer

Michael Rechkemmer's "Thrown to the Wolves"

Thrown to the Wolves

Michael Rechkemmer

Michael Rechkemmer's "Ghost or Wolf"

Ghost or Wolf

Michael Rechkemmer

Stephanie Arias' "The Dead"

The Dead

Stephanie Arias

Thomas Griffin's "Saving Angela"

Saving Angela

Thomas Griffin