Motion Research Projects

Dynamic Musculoskeletal Human Model

Dynamic Musculosketetal Human Model

Project Leads: Dr. R Hoetzlein, Dr. V Weiss

This project aims to build a dynamic, 3D, musculoskeletal model of the human body with medically accurate bones, joints and muscles. As a collaboration between Digital Media and Physiology we envision a dynamic 3D model that can be used for anatomy instruction, medicine and sports. Go to project page.

Skeletal Model

Learning Anatomy in 3D and VR/AR

We explore how students learn 3D anatomy in comparison to traditional bone boxes and hand drawn illustrations. This project enables students to study bone anatomy with 3D models and in Virtual Reality.

Muscle Stress and Strain Modeling

Muscle Stress & Strain Modeling

With a physically-based model of muscle tissue this project explores the limits of stress and strain based on body type, flexibility and range-of-motion.

Open Motion Projects

Motion Capture

A New Open Motion Library

Project Lead: Dr. R Hoetzlein

We develop a modern, open, interchangeable library for animated motions. Inspired by the success of the CMU Motion Library this project uses newer hardware and techniques. Our goals include fingers and joints, link-together motions, normalized scaling and interchangeable motion sources. We hope to build a community for sharing high quality motions and rigs. See

Motion Capture Diagram

Workflows For Character Animation in Education

This project explores how to streamline the motion-capture workflow for undergraduate education. We explore how to adopt complex animation pipelines to enable novice students to experiment with expressive animations quickly.

Character Rigging

Rigging For Capture-Independent Animation

Most rigging workflows focus on keyframe (IK) animation. We explore optimal techniques of rigging characters for motion-capture without dependence on any particular motion hardware. Our goal is to democratize and enable expressive animations with minimal effort.