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San Carlos Park Mulloch Creek Restoration Initiative

Our Mission: To restore, maintain and beautify the drainage system in San Carlos Park (EMWCD)


Watch this video about the project

This site provides a gateway to efforts to improve the East Mulloch Drainage District (EMDD), the storm water system that runs through San Carlos Park in Lee County Florida. Poorly maintained stormwater drainage systems ultimately negatively effect the health of the estuary by contributing excessive sediment and nutrients.

If you have questions, or want to become more involved, contact us at ndemers@fgcu.edu or (239) 590-7211.

My name is Nora Demers, a resident in San Carlos Park since 1997. I am a biologist at Florida Gulf Coast University and maintain this blog.

The San Carlos Park/Mulloch Creek Restoration was created in 2002 by myself and FGCU Service-learning Students.

Please peruse this site and contact me with any questions at
or 239 590-7211

I hope we can work together to reestablish the San Carlos Park Civic Association




Mulloch Creek Map

Project details


  • What is the East Mulloch Drainage District (EMDD)?

  • 2017 Legislative bill proposal and outcome

  • East Mulloch Creek Water Control District (EMWCD) created in 2019

  • Reports/Grants/Presentations

  • Legislation changes to the EMDD

  •  San Carlos Park/Karl J Drews beautification work day