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Get secure

Get Secure!
A campus-wide initiative to promote best practices, and help you protect yourself and others when using technologies such as the Internet or email. Information about training, resources and more is featured here. Please check back regularly for updates and announcements. 

Please forward suspicious email messages to the University Help Desk at


Safe Use and Data Security
Information Technology Services (ITS) wants to ensure that FGCU data and personal information are protected from both internal and external threats. While ITS does everything we can to protect our network and data, the best defense against a security or data breach is an informed and involved community. “Get Secure Begins With You!”


Don't Get Hooked!
The number one cause of compromised accounts at FGCU is faculty, staff, or students opening and/or replying to a phishing email that asks you to "update" or "validate" your ID and password or account number! 

  • Phishing is when someone tries, via email, text, or phone call, to obtain your personal information by pretending to be a trustworthy company, government entity, or FGCU department.
  • Remember: No one at FGCU will ever ask you for your password in an email! 
  • If you are in doubt about an email or a phone call you receive at FGCU, check with the University Help Desk at 590-1188. 

Protect Your Data
 are responsible for protecting your data and personal information! It is suggested that all work data be stored on Network storage; when transmitting data that is restricted via email or other electronic means, it must be encrypted. 

Learn more about Restricted Data protection

Learn more about the FGCU Security Plan

Password Complexity is the Key
You are the only one with the keys to your house; the same should be true of your password. Keep it to yourself and make it strong! For more detailed information about passwords, visit the ITS Knowledge Base.
If you suspect an security incident has occurred, even if you had a part in its cause, report it immediately to the University Help Desk. Signs that may indicate a security incident include:

  • Your FGCU password no longer works, and you did not institute a change. This could mean that someone changed it without your knowledge, a possible result of a phishing incident.
  • Your files are suddenly deleted or corrupted, or new files unexpectedly appear. 

To help arm yourself in the battle against cybercrime, complete the Cybersecurity Awareness Training course in Canvas.