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Outstanding FGCU BSN NCLEX-RN Pass Rate for 2021

March 01, 2022  / Tags: fgcu, BSN, FGCU School of Nursing, pass rate, nclex-rn

FGCU BSN students achieved an outstanding NCLEX-RN pass rate for 2021.  

Our overall pass rate was 97.67% 
The national average for Baccalaureate programs was 86.06%.

When benchmarked, the BSN Program pass rate at FGCU is the highest of the State University BSN Programs once again. 

We extend our Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Goebel, BSN Program Director and all Faculty and Staff who worked to achieve this result. 

The effort put in to maintain Program standards especially considering COVID
has been outstanding! 

Way to Soar Eagles !!!