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FGCU’s School of Nursing, Dr. Lolita Melhado Retires

May 06, 2022  / M.Martinez Coordinator Nurisng  / Tags: Marieb College of Health & Human Services, retirement, FGCU School of Nursing, nursing news

School of Nursing Assistant Professor, Dr. Lolita Melhado officially retires on May 13, 2022. We would like to Thank Dr. Melhado for her dedication and profound commitment to the field of Nursing, our community and FGCU.  
Dr. Melhado is a graduate of our very own School of Nursing Program where she earned a BSN and later an MSN.  Dr. Melhado was once a student of her then future Director,
School of Nursing, Dr. Anne Nolan. 

Dr. Melhado has focused on supporting numerous grant endeavors which resulted in significant funding for the School of Nursing DNP Program. We thank Dr. Melhado for her ongoing commitment to the preparedness and success of our FGCU DNP Nursing Students. 
Dr. Melhado, the School of Nursing faculty, staff and students will miss you and we wish you a well-deserved and wonderful retirement. 

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