COVID-19 Community Resource Information Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

COVID-19 MAP: The map on the left-hand side of the dashboard provides COVID-19 data by county from the Florida Department of Health. This information is updated twice per day. You can click on any county to see summary statistics for the selected county.

Information & Resources: The information in the center of the dashboard is updated as new information on available resources is provided to our department. Data on the main information page is linked to agency or informational websites regarding available resources. You can also use the scroll buttons at the bottom of the center section to see program information provided by local agencies.

Mobile Food Pantry Finder: The interactive web app on the right-hand side of the dashboard allows you to locate a mobile food pantry in your area. Type your address into the search box or click the target icon to set your current address. The web app will then provide a list of mobile food pantries with 10 miles of the set location. You can change the distance using the slider or by typing a new number directly into the 'Show results within (Miles) text box. Once the list is provided, you can click on the name of a mobile food pantry to obtain specific details about the location as well as directions to the site.