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Marieb College Stories

Arie J. van Duijn, Ed.D.

One of the best parts of my job is to see the impact our graduates have in the community. We’re filling a very important need. "

Arie J. van Duijn

Associate Professor and Program Director, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Arie J. van Duijn

Physical therapy is one of the top professions for job growth in the US. Every year FGCU doubles our program size and we still can’t meet the needs of the local marketplace. As a result, our graduates enjoy a 100% post-graduate employment rate. "

Dr. Arie J. van Duijn, Ed.D.

Associate Professor and Program Director, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

Julie Zemplinski

Our clinical laboratory science program has a 100% graduate employment rate. We can’t graduate students fast enough to fill the need. Most are offered positions before they even earn their degree. "

Julie Zemplinski, MSH, MS, MLS (ASCP)

Instructor III & Program Director - Clinical Laboratory Science

Paul Cisneros

The faculty and staff of Marieb College provide all the necessary tools to succeed in and out of the program. They are flexible, available and make it clear that our success is their first priority. "

Paul Cisneros

’18, M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Abbey Gunderson

I definitely feel like I’m going to be successfully prepared for my career as a nurse practitioner as I’m getting tons of research-based education along with thousands of clinical hours. I can’t imagine any other program offering more than FGCU. "

Abbey Gunderson, RN, BSN

’20, Doctorate of Nursing