Rachel Lothian

Rachel Lothian

You get a very real, very personalized education. The faculty takes time to make sure you know what you’re doing and feel comfortable doing it.

Photo of Rachel LothianEver since she was a young girl growing up in Vermont, Rachel Lothian liked to care for others. When her mom, a maternity nurse, would come home with stories of how she saved a baby’s life, Rachel thought it was the coolest, most heroic thing. So when it came time to pick her career path, nursing was the natural choice.

FGCU’s Marieb College for Health and Human Services was a natural choice, too. Her family vacations in Southwest Florida, so when she saw FGCU’s certification passing rates for nurses are 100%, she decided to visit the campus. And because you can’t really visit FGCU’s campus and not fall in love, it ended up being the only school she considered.

It turned out to be a perfect match for Rachel. There is nothing about her experience with Marieb College she doesn’t love. She loves the state-of-the-art facilities and the incredibly lifelike mannequins they practice on. She feels personally connected to all of her professors. And even though the rigor of the program is intense, she loves that, too, because she knows it’s going to make her a better nurse.

The 100% certification passing rates and 100% graduate employment rates really set the Marieb College apart. If you want a job, you will get one. The faculty and staff will make sure you succeed.

As a people person who likes kids, Rachel is considering becoming a family nurse, where she can build lasting relationships across generations. After she graduates with her RN, however, she wants to go straight into FGCU’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program where, with three more years of school, she can become a nurse practitioner. As a DNP, you can prescribe medicines and even have your own family practice—much like a doctor, but with a few limitations.

Rachel may not ever make it back to Vermont to live. She plans to stay in Florida after she graduates. But as she cares for Floridians every day, she will carry that Vermonter family legacy of caring with her in everything she does.