Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading

Directive on Satisfactory & Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading for Fall 2020 



Currently, S/U grades are assigned to a small percentage of courses.  S/U grading modes are set by course as requested by the college.  Student requests to change their grading mode are normally not permitted. 

Proposed Change:

Due to the impact of COVID-19, FGCU would permit students to convert their grading mode to S/U during the Fall 2020 term.

  • All undergraduate and graduate courses are included except for FGCU Accelerate (graduate on-line courses), and dual enrollment sections (ACE/Collegiate Academy students and courses).

Time Line and Process:

Students will have until November 30, 2020 (midnight), to request the conversion to S/U grading mode for one or more courses via an online form for Fall 2020.  This form will be electronically forwarded to the Office of Records & Registration. 

  • The electronic form would list the conditions under which the student would need to read and certify that they understand.  
  • Students may choose one or more courses to be converted.
  • Faculty will enter final letter grades on Gulfline as usual by the published deadline. For courses that students choose to convert, Banner will convert to S/U grades according to the following table:

Letter Grade

S/U Grade

Letter Grade

S/U Grade





























  • Letter grades of W, WF, etc., will remain unchanged.
  • Any kind of appeal will be allowed to be submitted in writing with an extenuating circumstance to Karina Montalvo ( by January 22nd at 5 pm.

Impact on GPA:

  • S/U grades do not count in the computation of a student’s GPA, thus S/U grades will not result in an increase or decrease in a student’s GPA.
  • S/U grades are counted towards a student’s completion ratio and maximum time frame in financial aid calculations, but do not count in the GPA calculation.
  • “S” grades receive academic credit while “U” grades do not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

There will be informational FAQs posted on the FGCU COVID-19 and Records & Registration web pages.

  • Can I choose a S/U grading option for a Fall 2020 course?

  • Can all students request the S/U grading option?

  • How do I request the S/U grading option?

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  • Why am I allowed to request the S/U grading option for courses that were not allowed before?

  • Will my Professor know that I am taking my course for an S/U grade?

  • How will letter grades be converted to S/U grades?

  • Will the S/U option be available to me permanently?

  • Can I still ask my Professor for an incomplete (I) grade?

  • How will the S/U impact my GPA?

  • How does an S/U grade affect my academic standing?

  • How do I know if selecting an S/U grade is the right choice for me?

  • How will an S/U grade impact the GPA needed to graduate?

  • How will an S/U grade affect my eligibility for the President’s / Dean’s List?

  • How will S/U grades affect admissions requirements for Graduate School?

  • How will S/U grades impact course sequencing?

  • If something changes, will I be able to adjust or change my S/U request?

  • How does a S/U grade affect Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid?

  • Will a S/U grade change my GPA?

  • I need to improve my GPA in the Spring term to meet Bright Futures renewal criteria. Can I do so while receiving S/U grades?

  • If I apply for the S/U grading option, do I need to continue to attend class and complete all of the course requirements?

  • I use Veteran’s Educational Benefits, may I utilize the S/U grading mode?

  • May a student submit an S/U grading conversion request for one part of a co-requisite course (i.e. a lecture or a lab) and not the other?  

  • Can I use a satisfactory/unsatisfactory course for Grade Forgiveness?

  • May students pursuing Academic Amnesty be permitted to request S/U grading option?

  • Do some programs have special guidelines regarding S/U grading?