Faculty Resources and Awards

Awards, Grants, and Opportunities 

Our office provides a variety of support for faculty research and pedagogical endeavors. 


Innovative Assignment Design

In collaboration with the Lucas Center, this program encourages faculty who initiate creative and innovative changes to course materials that enhance student learning and success. Participating faculty develop instructional programming that they assess at the end of the semester. In addition to innovations that develop transferable skills and undergraduate research, we are also encouraging proposals that focus on social justice and COVID-19.

We are particularly interested in adventurous proposals that could be risky but also show high potential payoffs. In previous years, faculty have pursued amazing ideas, including:

  • The Student Voting Project: Connecting Lee County Schools to Solution Journalism
  • Writing to a Visually Saturated World
  • Connecting Organic Chemistry and Cell Biology through Interdisciplinary Class-Based Research
  • Creating a Sense of Place through Music
  • Deep Diving Queen Victoria's Journals

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Innovative Assignment Design: Racial and Social Justice


In collaboration with the Center for Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, encourages faculty to create educational opportunities that engage students in conversations about systemic racism; settler colonialism; white supremacy; antiracism; intersectionality (i.e., the ways in which race, ethnicity, and nations intersect with other identities such as gender, social class, sexuality, religion, and dis/ability); and diversity, equity, and inclusion. To help all students understand these issues broadly, we are eager to receive applications from faculty members across all disciplines.


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Learning Assistant Program

The Learning Assistant (LA) program promotes partnerships in active-learning classrooms that enhance student learning through inquiry, improving student success and skill development. Participating faculty and LA undergraduates complete experiences that develop pedagogy skills and active-learning strategies.


  • WiSER Eagles Program  [Priority Deadline: CLOSED for Spring 2022]

  • Communities in Transition



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