WiSER Eagles

WiSER Eagles Program

The Work in Scholarly Experiences and Research (WiSER) Program employs underrepresented students, in collaboration with Financial Aid, to work with faculty/staff on research and scholarly projects. As part of the program, students participate in biweekly seminars to enhance their professional development. To promote inclusion and equity, WiSER Eagles supports students that have financial need or experience other barriers that prevent their participation in experiential learning opportunities, such as research. WiSER Eagles supports international students, low-performing but high-potential students, and students who are eligible for federally-subsidized financial aid. 




Interested in a WiSER position? Students eligible for Federal Work Study can apply through Eagle Career Link. More information provided below:

  • Federal Work Study

  • Eagle Career Link

Check out some of the WiSER job opportunities below: 

  • Business

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Health & Human Services

  • Humanities

  • Physical & Natural Sciences

  • Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Visual & Performing Arts