Entrepreneurship Scholarships

With the help of our amazing donors, we have been able to help our students succeed through scholarships 

Meet Our Current Scholarship Donors:

Richard M Schulze Family Foundation

Pyure Brands Organic Stevia

Frank and Ellen Daveler


If you are a student enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Studies (B.A.) Degree, be sure to apply for a scholarship. These scholarships are need based, and are available for students registered for the Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Studies Major or Entrepreneurship Minor*.

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*Scholarships awarded by Pyure Brands Organic Stevia are exclusively for Entrepreneurship Majors.

Matt Walden Photo For Scholarship Quote

With the help of the scholarships that I received, I was able to focus all my time on school and my music career. Thank you!”

Matt Walden

Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Major 


Entrepreneurship Scholarships

Paying for college can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but there are tools to help make the experience more affordable. Follow these easy steps, and you will be on your way to obtaining a scholarship towards your Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Degree in no time!

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  • 1. Enroll In The Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Degree

  • 2. Get Involved

  • 3. Work Hard In Class

  • 4. Apply For The Scholarship

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