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Take your learning to a deeper level

By tying classroom knowledge to firsthand experience of the impact of service, you’ll enrich your understanding of your chosen field and begin a lifetime of making a difference in your community.

Search our database of more than 350 nonprofit partners to find volunteer opportunities that match your goals and interests. Be sure to document your completed hours so our staff can verify you’ve fulfilled requirements for graduating.


Service-Learning Defined

  • Step 1 - What Is Service Learning?

  • Step 2 - How Service-Learning Works at FGCU

  • Step 3 - Selecting A Service Learning Activity

  • Step 4 - Service Learning Forms

  • Step 5 - Linking Learning to Service

  • Step 6 - Service Learning Etiquette

  • Step 7 - Student Responsibilities

  • Serving Safely Guidelines



Congratulations to our Spring 2018 Excellence in Civic Engagement Awardees: 

Civic Engagement Awardees Spring 2018

Abigail Winslow, Arletys Gomez, Caitlin Macy, Elizabeth Hoisington, Evelyn Philistin, Matthew Rothman, Noelle Stone, Richard ‘Ricky’ Cassell, Shelby Smith, Wyatt Baggett 


Community Engagement Day celebrates service

Every spring, FGCU recognizes the outstanding service achievements of individuals and groups during Community Engagement Day at Alico Arena. This annual tradition represents an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to showcase projects from the current academic year that demonstrate extraordinary impact on the lives of community members.

 As part of the celebration, a panel of judges confers awards to exceptional engagement efforts. To ensure your project is considered for recognition, it’s important to collect documentation such as photos and statistics that verify the impact of your service. Follow our social media to stay in the loop regarding nomination details and deadlines.

Service-Learning FAQ

  • How do I find service-learning opportunities?

  • What is meant by "approved" agency?

  • What is not considered service-learning?

  • The agency I want to serve at is not listed on the database. How do I get it approved?

  • How do I document and track service-learning hours?

  •  How will my hours be processed in Eagle CareerLink?

  •  There are many companies on Eagle CareerLink. How do I know which are approved for service-learning?

  • How many service-learning hours do I need to complete for graduation?

  • Is there any other information about service-learning that I should know?