On Baile's Strand

On Baile's Strand

by W. B. Yeats 

Directed by Barry Cavin


This winter, FGCU Theater releases a film version of Yeats’ play viewable online and at a planned outdoor screening. Continue to check this page for more information.


Yeats’ poetic play uses ancient Celtic myths and traditional lore to explore all the meanings of passion, familial bonds, political ambition, and the futile drive to control nature.   

Cuchulain, a great warrior king, reluctantly swears loyalty to King Conchubar to consolidate a defense against a common enemy, Queen Aoife, with whom Cuchulain had once had a passionate affair. During the ceremony to make official the agreement between Cuchulain and Conchubar, a young stranger appears and requests to battle Cuchulain. The results from the fight cause Cuchulain to go mad and wage war against the waves of the ocean.