Undergraduate Opportunities


FGCU’s Coastal Watershed Institute offers several types of Undergraduate opportunities related to our ongoing marine research. These opportunities can range from lab-oriented analysis experience to field work and sampling. These opportunities are typically arranged by the motivated student through recommendation by individual professors, typically those who are CWI members. Typical opportunities might include: 

  • Internship opportunities related to completion of specific BA and BS degrees
  • Paid student research assistant positions
  • Service Learning opportunities for any BA and BS degree
  •  Volunteer opportunities for personal and academic growth
  • Occasional Work-Study opportunities

Graduate Opportunities

FGCU’s Coastal Watershed Institute provides research opportunities and support to students pursuing Master’s degrees in disciplines related to CWI’s mission. CWI’s ongoing research and research assets such as watercraft, vehicles, specialized scientific instruments, and laboratory equipment often play a role in the successful completion of research conducted for Master’s theses. 

Graduate opportunities are typically arranged by the motivated student through acceptance into FGCU’s MS and MA programs. Research relationships and programs are typically established during the application process with the relevant department and the individual advising professor, typically those who are CWI members. 


Success Stories

Arielle Taylor Bob Halstead Lisa Van Houdt

Interning with Coastal Watershed Institute (CWI) was a true stepping stone experience in the path to my career. The knowledge I gained while interning with CWI helped to strengthen my skills in the lab, field, and in the science community. My time with CWI also helped assure myself that I wanted to continue with a career in the environmental field. After graduating, I received a job as an Environmental Specialist with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection- Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves (CHAP). The skills I learned with the Coastal Watershed Institute were invaluable as they are used every day in my current job. With CHAP, I spend most of my time in the field, conducting water quality and resource monitoring and management within the Charlotte Harbor estuary complex. I love working for the Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves office and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to intern with Coastal Watershed Institute.

Internships, Service Learning, Research

  • For Opportunities on Campus, please contact: cwi@fgcu.edu
  • For Opportunities at Vester, please contact: vfs@fgcu.edu

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