Wireless for Students, Faculty & Staff

eduroam (education roaming) is a wireless network for students, faculty & staff. It's a secure, world-wide roaming access service for the international research and educational community.

At FGCU, eduroam will provide a better user experience with faster speeds (now up to 35 Megabits!) and higher security standards. The eduroam service will allow you to connect to the WiFi when on campus and at thousands of participating institutions world-wide.  

Get Connected

Note: Selecting "Get Connected" will redirect to an external website hosted by SecureW2 at This is a trusted website and part of the onboarding process. By selecting the "Get Connected" option above, you agree to the University's Acceptable Use Policy.

For instructions on how to configure your device, please select the operating system your device uses:

Windows Apple MAC OS Apple IOS   ANDROID 10 AND LATER

Need assistance connecting to campus WiFi?

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Getting Started

In order to initially connect to the eduroam wireless network, FGCU students, faculty & staff need to install software for security and compatibility purposes. SecureW2 is the auto configuration tool for configuring client devices for 802.1x wireless. This is the tool that launches when you select "Get Connected". 

Why Use Eduroam?

eduroam Hotspots
The eduroam wireless network is available in thousands of locations across over 100 countries world-wide. You will be able to connect to these eduroam hotspots when traveling to participating eduroam locations. 
User Experience
Connecting your device to the eduroam wireless network at FGCU will provide a better user experience, as it provides faster speeds and is more secure than the 'fgcu-campus' wireless network.
The eduroam wireless network utilizes some of the top standards for security and authentication. If you'd like to learn more about eduroam security, please visit the eduroam website.

More Information

If you would like to learn more about eduroam and view participating locations, please visit the websites below.

Learn More Participating Locations

If you need assistance with configuring your device, please contact the University Help Desk.


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