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Elshall, Ahmed (PhD)

Assistant Professor, Engineering
Department of Bioengineering, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering

Ahmed S. Elshall is a groundwater hydrologist, whose research is based on observation, theory, modeling, and hydroinformatics to characterize and manage water resources under uncertainty in a participatory water governance framework. His research focus is groundwater sustainability including groundwater interaction with surface water, coastal systems, groundwater dependent ecosystems, landscape processes, climate, and human activities. Through his research career he has been involved with projects dealing with water resources management, and focusing on the quantity, quality, resilience to sea-level rise and drought, and equity of the groundwater resources. Also, he has been involved in projects related to climate and Earth system modeling with applications such as microbial soil respiration modeling and regional environmental management of coastal harmful algal blooms. Visit Dr. Elshall's page at https://aelshall.weebly.com/ for more information.

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