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University Advising Services (UAS) provides advising for all undergraduate students enrolled at Florida Gulf Coast University






What is Academic Advising?
Academic Advising at FGCU begins at Orientation. As students progress, professional advisors match individual needs with available resources in the field of study with the goal of keeping students on track to graduate.
What do Academic Advisors do?
Academic advisors guide students in their transition into and navigation of the university experience. Our staff helps students clarify their interests, skills and values in the context of class selection, major choice, and curriculum planning. We empower students to make informed academic decisions while helping them interpret policy and understand the university resources available to assist in their academic success.
UAS Commitment to Social Justice
University Advising Services at Florida Gulf Coast University is committed to advocating for social justice for our Students, Advisors, Staff, and Leadership. We embrace full and equitable participation of all: gender identity, sexual orientation, race, size, age cohort, ability/disability, faith, religion, ethnicity, gender expression, by building an inclusive community where everyone has equitable access to opportunities, resources, support, and guidance.

We Provide Advising Services Through:

Advising Appointments

Students may schedule an advising appointment online at their advising area website or by calling their advising area main phone line. Scheduled appointments are best utilized for advising assistance that requires significant time for discussion and planning (typically 30-40 minutes). 

Drop-in Advising

Drop-in advising is available during the first week of classes and throughout the semester for quick registration questions or issues. Drop-in advising is best utilized for questions and issues that may be resolved quickly (typically 10-15 minutes). Visit your advising area webpage for their specific drop-in advising days and times.


Students may email their advising area for assistance with general advising questions or concerns.


Students may call the main phone line of their advising area for assistance with general advising questions or concerns and for assistance with scheduling an advising appointment.

In-person assistance

Students may come in-person to their advising area office to receive assistance with general advising questions or for assistance with scheduling an advising appointment.

 Students should visit their advising department website for appointment/drop-in advising scheduling and details. See below for all contact information and websites

Advising area phone number email in - person lobby assistance  Check us out on social media!

Exploratory Advising


(239) 745-4422 explore@fgcu.edu

Location: Center for Career and Exploratory Advising


FGCU Exploratory Advising

College of Arts & Sciences

(239) 590-7196 




Location: Seidler Hall, 109


FGCU College of Arts & Sciences Advising

College of Education

(239) 590-7778 coeadvising@fgcu.edu

Location: Merwin Hall  (2nd Floor)



Lutgert College of Business & School of Entrepreneurship Advising


(239) 590-7302  lcobadv@fgcu.edu Location: Lutgert Hall, Suite 1300


Lutgert College of Business Academic Advising

Marieb College of Health & Human Services


(239) 590-7391 mchhsadvising@fgcu.edu

Location: Marieb Hall, 213


U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering Advising


(239) 590-1704  engadvising@fgcu.edu Location: Holmes Hall 207




Most freshmen students are advised by Exploratory Advising. Students are eligible to transition to college advising after they meet certain academic requirements. More information about the advising transition process can be found in the FAQ section. If you are a transfer student or have already transitioned, you are advised by the college advising office below that houses your major:

Find Your Advising Office

  • Freshman

  • Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors

  • Undeclared and Exploratory Students

  • Honors College, The Dual Enrollment Programs (ACE & Collegiate Academy)

  • Student-Athletes

  •  Academic Hold Students

  • Recently Admitted Transfer Students

  • Prospective Students

  • Returning Students

  • Non-Degree Seeking Students




Explore our advising resources

Learn how to prepare for advising appointments, get answers to questions and get on the right path through FGCU Advising.