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Honors College students have many opportunities to participate in study abroad courses and substantial international research and service programs.  As an Honors student, we hope the question is not “if you will study abroad,” but “where are you going to go?”  See where Honors students have been studying, researching, and serving in the interactive map below. 


Honors in the News

Kambak and Honigfort

Water-Energy-Food project harnesses the power of trash

Multiple Honors students work with faculty,  Seneshaw Tsegaye, on the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus System project. The  integrated WEF system turns solid waste and wastewater into both a biogas energy source that can substitute for propane, and into nutrient-rich, recycled water for fertilized irrigation. In other words, the FGCU engineering team is working to convert your garbage into sustainable gold. (Article: Keith Gibson, FGCU 360/Photo: James Greco)

Cesar Hernandez-Isidro

Bioengineering student aims to build a better wheelchair 

Hernandez-Isidro’s research began last semester as an Honors College contract when Dr. Derek Lura, assistant professor in bioengineering, introduced him to Jennifer Lee, who was referred to FGCU during a fitting for her new wheelchair. (Article: Karen Booth, FGCU 360/Photo: James Greco)

Two of Dr. Greg Boyce’s student researchers, Marie Bozor and Daniel Quiroz, work in a lab in Seidler Hall

Honors students are active in Dr. Greg Boyce's chemistry lab

“I didn’t realize I was going to love organic chemistry so much … this has been just awesome,” said senior Jacob Foster, who’s earning a biology major and chemistry minor and hopes to one day pursue orthopedics or pediatrics in medical school. “This experience has really helped me excel in my other classwork, develop confidence in my independent critical-thinking skills and learn to take the knowledge in my head and apply it to real-world problems.” (Article: Keith Gibson, FGCU 360)

Daryl Cordova

DC-bound grad aims to work for the common good

Daryl Cordova came to Florida Gulf Coast University as a first-generation college student who planned to one day make a difference in the lives of others as a social worker. But as is the case with many undergraduates, Cordova, from Lehigh Acres, changed course. Switching to a political science major his sophomore year, the Honors College student still plans to make a difference, but on a bigger stage. Instead of creating impact at the grassroots level of social work, Cordova hopes to do so on the more wide-reaching platform of government work. (Article: Keith Gibson, FGCU 360)

Xylia Horgan with Mentor, Lyndsay Rhodes

Honors Alum receives prestigious fellowship 

A summa cum laude graduate in biology, Xylia Horgan, plans to practice pediatric oncology. Horgan is spending her so-called “off” time immersed in research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) — the nation’s biomedical research institution — in Bethesda, Md.

Lucious Spiller

Delve deep into the Delta Blue

The Mississippi Blues Legends Festival at FGCU offers not just a chance to enjoy an outdoor concert of soul-stirring, hip-swaying music from the Deep South played by established artists from Clarksdale, Miss. Presented by the Honors College, it’s also an opportunity to learn — about the past and present of Delta blues and about the musicians keeping alive the tradition of sizzling slide guitars and passionate singing

Photo of Harlaxton College courtesy of Clay Motley

Students charmed by studying abroad at Harlaxton

Honors students Chandler Burwell and Kaliegh McFadden are spending a semester studying, living, eating, and playing at the Harlaxton College Manor in London. Thanks to FGCU's partnership with the British campus of the University of Evansville (Indiana) the opportunity to spend a semester at Harlaxton College, London is open to all students. 

Taylor Sieger

Honors Senior studying in China on embassy scholarship

"Sieger was one of 15 undergraduates chosen from across the United States by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Washington, D.C., for 2018-19 funding to study abroad. An art and English double-major, she is studying Chinese language and culture at Soochow University."



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