First Year Experience


First Year Experience works to create and deliver programs and initiatives designed to help students make the most of their first year and beyond at FGCU. We're here to help you navigate the exciting journey, from academic support to social activities and everything in between, we've got you covered. Lets make your college experience unforgettable! 

Staff Directory

Name Department Email Phone
Ney Arias Senior Director, First Year Experience & Retention Programs 239-590-7111
Autumn Bradley Coordinator, First Year Experience  239-745-4637
Tabitha Dawes Director, Eagle View Orientation  239-590-7744
Maggie Hohne Coordinator II, First Year Experience  239-590-7049
Christina Kreiger Director, Retention & Engagement Programs  239-590-7110
Megan Newman  Administrative Assistant, First Year Experience  239-745-4039
Mason Werksman  Coordinator, First Year Experience  239-745-4026
Niesha Radovanic Coordinator, First Year Experience  239-745-4590
Amber Whitaker Coordinator II, First Year Experience  239-590-7898

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First Year Experience

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