Health & Safety

Physical and emotional well-being contribute to your success 

 FGCU provides comprehensive services to ensure your health and safety, including emergency and routine preventive care, counseling and information on health and self care.

Wellness Students

Counseling and Psychological Services

Free counseling can help you learn strategies for coping with anxiety, depression, relationships and other challenges on your path to achieving success in college. And self-help resources can enhance problem-solving, goal-setting and confidence.

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FGCU Campus Food Pantry

Having trouble affording enough food to meet your basic needs? The pantry is here for you. Students with a valid ID who genuinely lack financial resources can choose up to 10 pounds of food once a week at the pantry, which is supported by donations.

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Prevention & Wellness

We connect with students by providing information, events and resources relevant to their lives and their decisions about nutrition, alcohol and drugs, sexual health and other important wellness issues that can affect their success. Patterns established in college can have lifelong impact.

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Campus Police & Safety

The University Police Department ensures the safety and security of students, staff, faculty and visitors on campus around the clock. The accredited department’s numerous safety procedures have contributed to FGCU’s rating by University Primetime as the second-safest campus in the country (2014-15).

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Enviromental Health & Safety

Florida Gulf Coast University strives to keep our environment green and sustainable with solar energy, waste prevention and preservation.

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