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  • If you are currently interning or serving in a face-to-face manner (in a setting with fewer than 10 people), you may continue at this time as long as you feel safe and comfortable, you are doing so of your own choice, and you are following CDC guidelines. However, we strongly encourage you to pursue virtual options.
  • For internships, if you have the ability to work remotely, please do so.   Inquire with your Supervisor to learn if this is an option AND communicate your plans to your Instructor
  • If your organization is no longer able to provide an internship or service-learning experience for you (no remote opportunities are available), please make your Instructor aware immediately.  Your instructor will then discuss alternative placements or alternative assignments with you.


  • If you are a graduating senior, please know that we (your Instructor, the Office of Service-Learning, the Office of Internships, and Academic Advising) will work with you to help you acquire the internship/service experiences that you need to graduate successfully.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I need help registering my internship/co-op on Eagle Career Link.

  • I want an internship in (industry). How can I find one?

  • I searched Eagle Career Link and I didn’t find any internships that I like.

  • How can I get academic credit for my internship?

  • Where is the Internship & Coop Office located?

  • I want to shadow physicians. How can I find opportunities?

  • How can I find research opportunities?

  • I am interested in an international internship experience. What are my options?

  • Does my internship qualify for Soar in 4?

Documenting experiences on Eagle Career Link

 FGCU student internship opportunities through International Internships LLC 

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